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Understanding Your Voice

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If you feel like your voice is soft, stuck, broken, nasal, partial, annoying, monotone, weak, strange, weird, or loud… I want you to take a moment and remember that your voice is probably the NUMBER ONE asset you have, that allows you to express yourself: who you are, what you want, what you think, where you’re going.

Now, I know that people don’t always have access to vocal training, and have no idea what to do to improve their voice quality (even though every person should have access to such a thing, not only public speakers, actors, and singers).

That is why, in this episode, I share with you a live broadcast I did on Instagram where we had an intriguing conversation about voice (and beyond)

Here’s what some of the people shared in the conversation:

Jessuss said: “I started to talk in English, my whole body was so tense, imagine my voice”.
“Sometimes it feels I sound rude. It might be due to speaking loudly I don’t why” – shared Marta.
“For me, it’s not about losing my voice, rather, it’s more about controlling facial expressions and spicing up my voice and body language. I feel like it’s hard to be natural when you plan all of your gestures ahead” – said Sherif.

So as you can see, if you don’t feel comfortable with your voice – you’re not alone. And I’m here to help!
In this episode, I talk about all things related to voice – how it’s created, why we are uncomfortable with it, and what we can do to improve the quality of our speaking voice.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Hadar, I am thankful to for helping me and community improve their communication skills particularly accent and pronunciation. I am a huge fan of yours, please continue doing the same. I am immensely benefitted by your work and painstaking efforts! Thank you so much, I am really indebted to you!

  2. Hi Hadar, I love the way you teach English.Hope you have LIVE on YouTube. Please give advice on how many hours we need to provide to learn English everyday? I’m struggling on learning English everyday, cuz plenty of things that I need to crack on English. Thanks.

  3. Hi Hadar ! I have been just waiting your letter. I have received rather bad feedback of my vocal capabilities here in my family. I used my native tongue and I thought how could I sound using some tongue twisting English words. Do you think that even medically impacted problems could be improved by your body-linguistic exercises ? I don’t think of the real hard laryngeal medical problems. But a lot of people (perhaps 80 % of the human population over 50 ) has a mild or strong chronic bronchitis due to air pollution influencing her/his vocal productivity. It’s not my medical field, I’m just one of a humble member of the suffering mass. Thank you so much for the video and podcast “made by Hadar.” Laszlo

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