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6 Ways To Sound More Confident In English (Even When You’re Not!)

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Let’s say you have a job interview tomorrow morning.
And let’s say you haven’t reached your English breakthrough just yet, and you feel a little insecure about your English (and by little I mean you’re so anxious you can’t sleep).
Since you don’t have enough time to become 100% fluent overnight, but you have to look confident to get that job – here’s what you’re left with. You gotta FAKE IT.

But how can you fake confidence?
Glad you asked. In this episode, I’m going to share with you 6 things that will make you sound and appear powerful and confident in English, even when you’re not.

And the best part?
When you fake it, it does affect your inner state and you become more relaxed and cool, and when you’re relaxed and cool, guess what? Your English is more fluent.

Pssst… external work is NOT enough. So here are more materials that will help you complete the transformation:

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