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Episode #404

The Advantages of NOT being Fluent 😎 | My Relocation Diaries

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We all know that speaking a language fluently has tons of advantages. Better communication! New friendships! Less misunderstandings! Life is easier when you understand everyone around you, no doubt.
But today, I wanted to think of it from a COMPLETELY different perspective. What are the advantages of NOT being fluent in a language? I’ve noticed quite a few things that I’ve experienced since moving to Spain where I can’t understand everything that’s being spoken around me…and that’s what I want to share with you today.

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One Response

  1. Hello Hadar. First of all, thank you for share your experiencies and give me topics to take acount about my learning English.In this moment I feel I have a lot of vocabulary,all verb tenses,better listening,etc, in other words many resources.However I can´t “take off”. “I don´t achieve make the jump”.I have worked very hard but the fluency is my disappointing problem.I compare this with my earlies musical studies.I couldn´t leave them. That means,I had to be on them,all the time.
    Saludos desde Argentina

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