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Episode #408

We had our student meetup in Barcelona! | My Relocation Diaries

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I’ve been teasing it for the past few weeks, but on June 1, we finally had our student meetup! We had 80 students come from all around the world to meet each other – most of us meeting for the very first time in person! It was so incredible, emotional, and special to connect with the students that I’ve known over the screen (some of them for more than 5 years!) and finally hug them in real life. 🥹

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7 Responses

  1. It’s so nice to hear you guys had a blast during the meet up! I look forward to meeting you all in another oportunity.
    Thanks to Hadar, coaches and all the studends for making possible a nice and valuable educational enviroment.
    I love this postcast, but I have to say that the “Relocation diaries” has been therapeutical for me.
    I’ve been living in the US for 4 years now and I feel completetely identified with every single emotion, achievement, fear and frustration Hadar has shared in her episodes. Leaving your loved ones, your confort zone and having a “new fresh start” on a second language and a different environment and culture is overwhelming but rewarding at the same time.

    Enjoy this journey in Barcelona, keep the faith and work hard (as always) and you’ll see every day that all these efforts are totally worthy. Thank you all so much for being a wonderful company and an inspiration!!

  2. I’m crying in happiness while listening to you Hadar 💗 I’m so grateful, proud and feel blessed being part of our incredibly amazing community . And it’s all thanks to you Hadar 🤗 .You’ve surrended with the most amazing coaches and you created such a wonderful community for us and now we have a space, where we feel safe, happy, supported, connected, free and loved. That’s a gift 🎁. Thank you for the chance to hug you, your team, our awesome coaches and other Beyonders, my dear friends.🤗🧡💐

    1. Hi Daniela! We’re happy to hear how much Hadar and our community mean to you. Knowing that we’ve created a space where you feel safe, supported, and connected is the greatest reward. 🥰

      Thank you for your kind words and for being such a wonderful part of our community. 🤗✨

  3. Hello Hadar:
    Thank you so much for sharing this Podcast, I can imaging the excitement and feelings about this huge event, I’m glad that happened to all of you.
    I also saw the amazing pictures, I love it!!
    I just watched your video about “Being focus “ thanks for the tips, I’m sure it will help us.

    Thanks again for all your support.

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for listening to our podcast! We’re happy that you’ve watched the video on “Being Focused”. It will indeed help you.

      We’re also glad you loved the pictures of the meetup and could share in the participants’ excitement. 😊

  4. Hello, teacher.
    My name is Michel, I’m 43 years old and a high school mathematics teacher.
    Thank you very much for providing your work to the students. I love watching your videos and learning the best pronunciations from social media.
    I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    I would really like to speak fluently and have or not have pauses in my speech. I hope to get there.
    A hug from a fan of your work.

    1. Hi Michel! I’m glad you love Hadar’s videos. 😊

      If you want to improve your fluency, I’m inviting you to join our InFluency Community on Facebook. We have weekly discussions, speaking groups, activities, and more! And it’s all for FREE. You can join here:
      Please don’t forget to answer all questions properly before sending a request. 😊
      We’d love to have you there!

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