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Episode #41

Improve Your Communication Skills By Learning How To Listen

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To be a great Speaker you first have to be a great listener. In this episode I’m going to share FIVE TIPS that will help you improve your communication skills, become a great listener and an excellent conversation partner.

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4 Responses

  1. Good morning the greatest teacher in the world Hadar , Really my Journey to the fluency has been lightened by your insights and your precious advice…I don’t have the right words to describe what I’m feeling towards you for prividing me such a useful and beneficial tips and strategies to boost my spoken English but unless sending u some of my honest words in that comment
    have a wonderful week full of personal and Professional satisfaction…

  2. Hi, Hadar, thank you for this such a powerful and valuable podcast! It made me think about good, polite conversation not only in English but in my native language also! Sometimes I love to talk too much and become a bad listener (in the Latvian language- in my native language ?) but it’s really important to be a conversation partner with good manners if you want to be a pleasant person. Thank you so much!
    Ou, one more thing- after this podcast, I started to think that sometimes I have a hard time grasping the information in English but maybe the reason is I have to improve my listening abilities…?
    Thank you for all of this! It is a good theme for thinking…

  3. Is important to be “interesting” too, by reading good books, news, magazines, good movies (not just blockbuster ones). I think it is important to share when the moment we speak we could bare something relevant for the conversation.

  4. Hi I am Deepay Dwiwedi I have problems with S Sh sound and also j z please tell me how I am reduce this any tricks to reduce this thing.RegardsDeepak

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