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Episode #62

Why Perfectionism Will KILL Your Fluency

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  • 62. Why Perfectionism Will KILL Your Fluency 00:00

Having PERFECT English may sound like a dream come true, but what does it really mean to have perfect English? Is it even a THING? Is there such a thing as perfect English?

And even if there was (and there isn’t) – do you think it serves you to strive for perfection, or does it get in your way?

In this episode I’ll discuss why striving for perfection when communicating in English (which means working relentlessly on your pronunciation and never feeling satisfied, beating yourself up on small and big mistakes, not speaking when you’re not sure what words to use) is a potential death threat to your fluency.

You don’t believe me?
Listen to the episode and come on over to Instagram @hadar.accentsway and let me know what you think.

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9 Responses

  1. Hey Hadar, thanks for such a great explanation you are incredible.i mean the methods and the illustrations you are given is so realistic.Keep going and growing stay blessed .

  2. Hi Hadar. Congratulations for your teaching system. Your methods really make students feel comfortable. Your accent, clarity, pace, intonation, pronunciation is just amazing. it makes me feel tickles in my stomach. Your explanations are clear and convincing.

  3. Hi hadar, thanks for the lesson it’s related to me, i think i have a bit perfectionism in english because i often feels insecure with my english that make me afraid to being judge and make me hesitate with my self, now i’m realize that nothing wrong with make a mistake because we’re not a native. Your advice is really usefull, and again thanks..

  4. Hi Hadar, thank you, I love the system
    you have to teach, and is very clear. Your voice and intonation is so nice, I don’t get bored listening.
    I appreciate if you speak about the idea of the word “COMPROMISE”, and how is the best way to introduce it in my daily speaking.
    Thank you!

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