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Want to be specific in English? No need for new words. Just say something TWICE! ?

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  • 66. Want to be specific in English? No need for new words. Just say something TWICE! ? 00:00

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Do you know this feeling when you’re looking for a word so you can be really specific – but you can find the exact word?

Here’s a little simple, efficient, and intuitive tip that will help you – >>>

It’s called Lexical Cloning or Reduplication, which is repeating a word or phrase twice to convey a different meaning than one word or phrase alone would convey.

Some of you may already be familiar with this phenomenon as it happens in other languages as well, not just in English. But the WAY we stress the words might be a little different.

Cool, right? Do you do that in your native language too? What other examples in English can you think of? Come on over to Instagram @hadar.accentsway and let me know what you think.

Read more about Lexical Cloning: https://bit.ly/33cSdGR

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  1. I LIKE like this episode. Such kind of nuance can help me to better understand the message of the people conveying.
    THANK YOU Thank you Hardar. You are a GREAT great teacher.

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