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Say Goodbye To Traditional BUSINESS ENGLISH Vocabulary Lists! With Lindsay From 'All Ears English'

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  • 68. Say Goodbye To Traditional BUSINESS ENGLISH Vocabulary Lists! With Lindsay From ‘All Ears English’ 00:00

Have you been dreaming about working in an international company, but you’re afraid that your English is not good enough and you don’t know what you need to do to improve?
Or maybe you already work in English but struggle to find a balance between using formal English and still feeling authentic?

In this episode, you’re gonna find all the answers to your burning questions! Because my guest is Lindsay McMahon, the founder and host of the All Ears English podcast.

In the interview, Lindsay talks about how you can find the balance between formal and informal English while still sounding professional. She’ll also share some valuable tips on how to discover the REAL vocabulary people use at work, as well as how to feel more confident when working in a global company.

Lindsay is super passionate about helping you communicate in English. She has been teaching ESL since 2005. She holds a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Lindsay’s philosophy on learning language comes from her direct experience learning Japanese, Spanish, and French while traveling and living abroad.

To watch this interview on my YouTube channel go HERE: https://theaccentsway.com/business-english-vocabulary/

Here are the topics we covered:

    • How to be yourself at work and why it’s important
    • How the work environment has changed in 2020
    • Why you should burn Business English Vocabulary lists
    • Where to find real-world professional English vocabulary
    • How to balance between being a formal and casual speaker at the job interview
    • How to do well at team-building games
    • What “opening your brainbox” means
    • How to communicate with colleagues more effectively during Zoom meetings
    • Why it’s important to talk about yourself at work
    • What to focus on in your professional life apart from English skills?
    • Tell us in the comments if this was useful and if you want to know more about work in an international environment

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