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5 Common Pronunciation Mistakes Chinese Speakers Make

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In this episode, I’m going to talk about the biggest English pronunciation challenges for Mandarin Chinese speakers – all broken down and explained.
But first – don’t forget to download the FREE American English Pronunciation Guide for Chinese Speakers: https://theaccentsway.com/chinese-speakers-english-guide/

In this episode you’ll learn what the main pronunciation challenges are that Chinese speakers face and why they are difficult. But more than that – you’ll learn how to overcome them and become a more confident and clear English speaker.

Not a Chinese speaker? I bet as a non-native speaker of English you can find at least one challenge that is relevant to you 🙂 Come on over to my Instagram @hadar.accentsway and let me know what you think.

Use the Google pronunciation tool to test your pronunciation: https://theaccentsway.com/google-ipa/

?American Pronunciation guide for Spanish speakers: https://bit.ly/2rSYK9O
?American Pronunciation guide for Russian speakers: https://bit.ly/34uniDs
?American Pronunciation guide for Brazilian speakers: https://bit.ly/2I5nzEb
?American Pronunciation guide for Korean speakers: https://bit.ly/3dliPsG

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