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Episode #80

Do you sound FRIENDLY in English? (What you need to know about TONE OF VOICE)

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Tone of voice in English – Is it possible to change the meaning of what you’re saying, without changing your words? The answer is – YES

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We use our voice to express our emotions and feelings. It plays a huge role in our communication with other people.

We often put more meaning into the speaker’s tone of voice (how they say things) than into the words they use. And sometimes it only takes a slight change in our voice for something to be taken as a joke, an insult, or a friendly comment.

If you want to become more expressive and engaging, and help people connect with you – exploring your tone of voice is the way!

In this episode, I’ll show you how the same sentence can be said in many different ways.

Go to my blog post to find a list of example sentences and practice using a different tone each time.

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