Episode #82

10-min Powerful Pronunciation Practice | HADAR'S SPRINT

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  • 82. 10-min Powerful Pronunciation Practice | HADAR’S SPRINT 00:00


A Sprint is a 10-min exercise that I’ve developed, aimed at building pronunciation confidence using new sounds, new words, and common grammar structures, through consistent repetition. In this video, you’ll get to drill a wide range of elements: pronunciation of important sounds, tricky consonant transitions, intonation of questions, and much more.

The repetition creates new pronunciation habits, so it becomes easier to use these sounds, retrieve the words, and internalize the grammar rule.

Pronunciation confidence is my unique teaching technique that has helped thousands of my students. Those who have used my different Sprints on a daily basis say that it works like MAGIC and they share incredible results.

If you liked this Sprint, you’re probably going to like the SPRINT MASTER30 different Sprints for a powerful daily practice: https://hadarshemesh.com/sprint-master

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