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Pronunciation, Grammar and Confidence in English - You ask, I answer!

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  • 88. Pronunciation, Grammar and Confidence in English – You ask, I answer! 00:00

One of my favorite things to do is to answer the questions of my students and audience, and in this episode this is exactly what I’m going to do.
And if you know me by now, you know that to every question there’s always more than just a simple answer. This is why I’m sure you’ll find something valuable for you (even though it wasn’t you who asked the question).

If you want to ask me a question, you can submit it here: https://hadarshemesh.com/ask-hadar/

Here’s the list of the questions with timecodes:

6:18Wei Zeng
“My problem is I can’t use he/she and his/her correctly without thinking in speaking. It sounds silly. Could you give me some suggestions or design a drill to improve it?”

18:11Tomoko Nakayama
“How do you pronounce ‘year’? It’s so hard to pronounce ‘year’. My ‘year’ sounds like ‘ear’, and I keep practicing it.”

23:17Nejla Yber
“I’m from Turkey and I’m living in Seattle, WA, for about 5 years. l went to ESL class but l could not finish because l started work. Now l have more time to study but I cannot concentrate on it. Please tell me, how can l write and speak clearly English?”

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7 Responses

  1. Hey Hadar, I’m a little bit in confusion about this: those who speak or those who speaks. I’m wondering the right way of saying or writing that grammatically, i mean it’s: those who speaks or those who speak??

    1. Hey Barthez,
      The right way to say it is ‘those who speak’, because ‘those’ is used only for plural forms.
      For singular, it would be ‘he/she/it/this who speaks’.

      I hope it helps 🙂


  2. Cuando harás una serie de videos para hispano parlantes.. ya que el ingles es tu segundo idioma, quien como vos para enseñarnos en español como llegaste al ingles…

  3. Hello,Hadar I can speak slow but I can`t speak fast because,there are some words in linkin “schwa” when i try to say it fastly l`ve been confusing ,please lf you have solution help me,thanks.

  4. I like Podcast better! Somehow your sound is better too.
    My question is the sound or continuously pronouncing a series of words including R.
    For example, Rapid, Reliable, Relatively cheap option…
    I noticed I cannot smoothly say it unlike native speaker. Yes, I’m Japanese.

    Any suggestion?

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