Episode #89

Practice Your Christmas Vocabulary + Pronunciation!

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  • 89. Practice Your Christmas Vocabulary + Pronunciation! 00:00

The holiday season is here so it’s a good opportunity to learn and practice how to pronounce some of the most commonly used words and greetings of this season! Here are the words and greetings I discuss in this podcast episode:

3:38 Christmas
4:34 Holiday(s)
5:58 New Year
8:02 Santa Claus
9:10 Reindeer
9:27 Mistletoe
10:12 Eggnog
10:35 Mitten(s)
11:58 Carol(s)
12:27 Sleigh
12:43 Wreath
14:12 ‘Happy holidays!’
14:49 (extra, non-related) Facetious
16:06 Resolution
16:49 ‘Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!’
17:10 ‘Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!’
17:21 ‘Good tidings to you!’
17:40 ‘May you have a great year!’

And may you have a great year, and love, prosperity, and health!

Here are the materials I mentioned in the episode:

+2 extra episode about how to 💪your vocabulary:

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