Valeria Miranda
English at Work

Before New Sound, I had to go to classes twice a week for nursing school, and I was always afraid that I wouldn’t be understood so I never spoke up. I was so depressed about this because I like to speak, I like to communicate, but I was so anxious and afraid to express myself as I wanted to. I had no freedom, like being in jail. One day I suddenly realized that I needed to find someone to help me. I needed someone to direct me. I prayed for this. Then I found Hadar’s video and after watching for 5 minutes I knew Hadar could help me. New Sound was starting in two weeks, but I thought I was too busy to join. I decided to join and do the program at my own pace. I had taken other courses before, but nobody taught me like Hadar did. She found a way to change our mindset – not just our speaking. She taught us how to connect the mind with the heart and body. In the first module she said “Just start speaking, don’t worry about your mistakes.” So after just one week in New Sound, I started talking in my nursing class. And people kept complimenting me on my English. Hadar, you are the best teacher ever and forever. You pointed me in the right direction.