Hey there! It’s Hadar. Thank you for
joining me and today we have a fun

episode because today I have a quiz for you!

The purpose of this quiz is to see

how attached you really are to the written word.

As you know, English is not a phonetic language.

So what I decided to do is to introduce you to a phrase

written as if English was phonetic and
to see if you can understand what the

original phrase is by reading it out loud.

So first you have to read it out loud
otherwise it doesn’t work.

And second, you have to see what comes up because what you will be reading is going to sound

different than the way you perceive the
word. Because a lot of times what we see

is not what we hear and then we assume
that a word should sound a certain way

when in fact it sounds completely
differently. We use different sounds,

we connect the words differently. So this is going to expose it and see if you feel

safe when that happens or if you feel
stressed when you’re taken out of your

comfort zone meaning out of the the
English that you know written English.

By the way next week I’m going to share all the answers with you and show you why I

chose to write it in that way in that
particular way.

But if you can’t wait till next week then I’ve prepared an answer sheet for you.

You can download it here by clicking the link in the description below or somewhere here and

then you can get the phrases and the
true meaning. Okay?

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Here’s the first one. What is
the original phrase?

Pay attention to the syllable in bold.

That’s going to be the primary stress of the phrase,

the focus word, the focus syllable.

Second one.

Just say it out loud, see what comes out and try to figure out what it is.

Don’t forget to write it in the comments below. If you don’t know just put a question mark.

Number three. Say it out loud.

Make sure you stress the syllable in

This is the fourth one.

Number five.

Remember that the one long phrase can be a few words

and remember the secret is

saying it out loud.

You may find your sounds that don’t
exist in the original spelling.

Sounds that only come out when you say it out loud.

When you connect words together.

When you’re pronouncing the words

Number seven

Number eight.

Feel free to pause the video whenever you need to figure out the original sentence or phrase.

Number nine.

Don’t anticipate it by looking at the
words on the screen.

Say it out loud and see what comes out. Don’t assume anything.

And number 10.

Okay that’s it. Thank you so much for
watching I hope you have at least 5 answers.

But if not, don’t worry about it.

You can look at the other answers as well.

Don’t forget that you can download the
answers sheet by clicking the link below

or you can wait for next week’s video
where I’ll reveal all the answers and

explain why I wrote it that way.

I hope
you enjoyed it have a beautiful

beautiful week and I will see you next
week in the next video. Bye!