A home for New Speakers of English to practice, connect, and build habits that last.

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Go Beyond

If you were the confident version of yourself in English... What would your life look like?

Beyond has helped me to create a routine for improving my pronunciation. Every day I use the Sprints provided in the program, and I have begun to see all of the benefits and improvements that it has had on my English.
Sebastian Valencia
It has increased my self-esteem when speaking English. I can now be more open when talking with others, and now I can speak spontaneously, without fear of making mistakes. The community is very encouraging and helps you to come outside of your shell.
Kristina Vrbic
Beyond takes us beyond our expectations. When I decided to join this group, I knew I'd have many opportunities to learn; what I couldn't imagine is how fast it would be.
Lucrecia Raquel Fuhrmann

Букмекерская контора 1win является узнаваемым брендом на постсоветском пространстве. Ее хорошо знают игроки из России, Казахстана, Молдовы, Азербайджана, Эстонии, Украины.

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