If you only had 10 minutes a day to practice your English

What would you do?


Life’s busy. I get it.

And between navigating your career, homeschooling your kids (pandemic style), cleaning your closet, managing Zoom calls,

and doing a little bit of Yoga while cooking pasta – there’s not a lot of time left for your English. 

But what if I told you that with 10 minutes of concise and methodical practice, you can say goodbye to the ineffective, so-called practice, and start building your English muscles like a true champ!

Introducing the

30 daily Sprints designed to boost everything about your English
in the most efficient way.
“My method of learning English language has changed and improved significantly thanks to the daily sprints. They’re an efficient, productive and joyful way to put everything into practice”.
Alessandro Domenico Angelillo Tarussio​
After 30 days
of Sprints you will:
Start using sounds you’ve never used before (the kind of sounds that get people to ask you ‘have lived in the U.S. for a long time?')
Notice that words that were once inaccessible and buried under piles of other words, are now rolling off your tongue
Get comfortable with your voice, and stop cringing every time you hear your own voice memos
Become more expressive when speaking so it’s easier to be persuasive (and get people to really listen to you when you present your ideas in a meeting)
Finally use those perfect tenses / conditionals / prepositions the RIGHT way (without learning the rules again)
Compound small actions into massive success and feel authentic, expressive and effortless in English
Who would have thought that taking action could be FUN?!?
"Sprints empower me daily, they are like having a cup of the most powerful coffee on Earth in the best Olympic training center located at the top of an invincible fortress of Zen"

Lana Vlasova

What makes Sprints so effective?
Just as you can’t learn even a simple dance move by watching someone else, you can’t learn a language by hearing or reading it once.
You have to get it
in your body.
Try it, feel it, do it again and again,
until it becomes automatic,
and your body knows what to do.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to use all the new things you learn right away, and by the time you have the opportunity to use it – it’s forgotten, because you haven’t made it automatic.

In the Sprints, you’ll not only learn new things, but internalize them with intentional repetition, so that remembering them becomes SO MUCH EASIER (and fun).

“The Sprints are an important part of my everyday studying routine. Some phrases and tongue twisters just roll off the tongue very easily now.”
Olga Kiryushina


The Sprints are not only a daily practice. They encapsulate a new method for learning and remembering English. I’ve developed this method through years of trial and error, and my students who have been using them daily report significant progress.

After 30 days of Sprints, you’ll have internalized a new method for learning that WORKS, and will be able to apply it to everything new you’d like to learn. 

Join the Sprint Master today and get
LIFETIME access to 30 Sprints & scripts
on an easy-to-use app and website.

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