Improve your grammar,  pronunciation, vocabulary, and confidence with 10-min daily practice

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How would you like to feel good about your English practice, without spending a lot of time each day?

You can,
with Daily Sprints.

You’ll not only learn new things, but also internalize them with a new method I developed that makes remembering 


Daily English practice you’ll get addicted to. 

Learn effectively

Just 10 minutes at the beginning of each morning assures me magical results.

Gaia Vitali Roscini
Build Vocabulary
I notice that I spontaneously use new vocabulary from Sprints while speaking.
Silvia Turi
New way to practice

These phrases are now imprinted in my mind and come up automatically and naturally when I need them.

Elisa D'Ettorre
Get results

It has really improved my communication skills at my job (in the US), and I even took the leap and started recording videos for YouTube in English!


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Life’s busy. I get it.

And between navigating your career, raising kids, cleaning your house, managing Zoom calls, and working out a bit while cooking pasta – there’s not a lot of time left for your English.

But with 10 minutes of concise and methodical practice, you can say goodbye to the ineffective English practice, and start using clear, confident English like the true champ that you are!

After 30 days of Sprints, you will:

Use new
sounds clearly

Learning and practicing important sounds daily using Hadar’s method, will help you develop awareness, sound clearer, and speak with ease.

Improve your active vocabulary & grammar

Repeating words intentionally will turn them into ‘habits’ and make you use words and grammar structures without thinking about it. Say goodbye to thinking twice about grammar rules and words you already know!

Develop daily
English habits

Practice is key! Sprints can be easily incorporated into your daily routine and help you do something positive for your English every day – whether it’s at home, in your car, or on your morning walk.

Build confidence and sound more expressive

Beyond the English practice, you’ll also explore the range of your vocal expression, intonation, and rhythm,
and build your confidence as you
learn to enjoy your voice.


Join the Sprint Master today and get LIFETIME access to 30 Sprints & scripts


All Sales Are Final

You have questions?
I got answers.

What is a Sprint?

A Sprint is a 10-minute daily practice that focuses on various key elements in spoken English — from pronunciation (sounds, confusing pairs, difficult transitions), to grammar (tenses, parts of speech, prepositions, and more.), and vocabulary (new words, phrasal verbs, idioms). And just like physical exercises, Sprints build new speaking habits through intentional repetition.

With this method, the mouth remembers new sounds, words, and grammar And you’ll find yourself using them automatically! 

Here are examples of Sprints:

You will get 30 daily Sprints (+3 bonus Sprints, 33 in total). Each Sprint is about 10 minutes long, and covers different aspects of English. For example: 

  • Pronunciation: You’ll practice important sounds, minimal pairs (like sheep-ship, pool-pull, cap-cup-cop), and challenging transitions (thr+r, r+l, etc.)
  • Grammar: You’ll practice important yet tricky structures for non-native speakers, for example: perfect tenses, conditional sentences, prepositional phrases, and more
  • Prosody: You’ll practice intonation, rhythm, and stress, as well as how to use your voice in a way that expresses how you feel. 
  • Vocabulary: Turn those words that you know but don’t use into words that you can use whenever you want! You’ll practice phrasal verbs, expressions, and much more.
  • Intonation & Tone of Voice: You’ll practice your intonation and tone of voice to unlock expression and emotion you might feel is missing in your English. 

Think of Sprints more like a gym practice. You will be presented with an important sound, word, or grammar structure, and shown how to practice it effectively. There are short explanations, rather than full lessons,  to help you understand and remember what you practice.

Each Sprint focuses on the repetition of key sounds, but also confusing vowel pairs, tricky transitions, and tongue twisters.
The repetition will help you remember the new sounds and use them spontaneously when you speak.
If you’re interested in more in-depth pronunciation training, you should check out our signature pronunciation program,
New Sound.

Yes! In each Sprint, you’ll practice important words, phrasal verbs, and expressions.You’ll first learn their pronunciation and definition, and repeat them in sentences.
This will help you expand your active vocabulary quickly!

Yes! Common grammar challenges are addressed in every Sprint, for example: conditionals, perfect tenses, prepositions, and more. You will practice a certain grammar form in context, which will help you to use it confidently when speaking. 

Just as you can’t learn a dance move by watching someone else dance, you can’t learn a language by only hearing or reading it once. You have to get it in your body. You have to use it again and again until it becomes automatic.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to use all the new things you learn in English right away, and by the time you have an opportunity to use them they’re forgotten or you’re not sure how.. The Sprints solve precisely this problem. You’ll not only learn new sounds, words, phrases, and sentences, you’ll internalize them with intentional repetition so they become automatic.


All sales are final. So we recommend that you first practice with our public Sprints online to see if you like our method.

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