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Doors will open in 2025.

What is NEW SOUND?

New Sound is the only program for speakers of English as a second language that focuses on the exact things you need to own your English and be heard.

In New Sound, you will transform your English through pronunciation, mindset, and effective practice. With a passionate community of students and a remarkable team of expert coaches, you’ll discover the most intuitive step-by-step training designed to help you open up your English and a world of opportunities.

We’ve helped thousands of students across the world build their fluency and confidence in English.  We’d love to help you too.

Get the results you want

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready for a breakthrough, New Sound is designed to bring you:


Clear pronunciation and effective communication are the keys to being heard, building trust, and getting what you want.


It’s time to say goodbye to fear and self-doubt, and welcome courage and self-assurance.


Have the freedom to say and DO what you want. Whether it’s standing your ground, telling a joke, or asking for a promotion.

Glenda Babb

I was never able to make friends with my neighbors, and I always blamed my English. Now I can make friends speaking English and I am so grateful for that.

Julio Urquiza Azahares

I have been looking for so long to feel freedom when speaking English, and New Sound makes that possible.

You will get your money’s worth, and MORE!

Kimberly Tenison

Even though I’ve lived in the U.S. for 40 years I wasn’t able to hear or pronounce certain sounds. But now I’m finally able to both hear and pronounce words and sounds that I couldn’t before.

Doors to New Sound will open in 2025!

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What makes New Sound



Proven Path

The New Sound program is an original and unconventional language training formula based on my own journey in English, which has produced unbelievable results for thousands of our students. 


Coaching &

Our support team is like no other. We are obsessed with getting our students results and making them feel at home. In New Sound, you will never feel alone. You’ll always know if you’re on the right track and what the next step is.


Expert Knowledge

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in pronunciation teaching within the ESL industry. We’ve trained teams in global companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and many more, and consulted on language acquisition and pronunciation solutions.


Incredible Community

The New Sound community is what makes this program so magical and inspiring. You will be surrounded by like-minded people from all around the world, who will hold you accountable and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. You will make connections in conversation groups, coaching sessions, and inside the private Facebook group.


Money-Back Guarantee

You’ve got nothing to lose! If you decide that New Sound is not for you, you can ask for a full refund during the first 14 days of the program. This means you actually get complete access to the first two modules of the course before making a final decision.

You get all the support you need.

The course is designed to take into account all the necessary details for all learners around the world. Each lesson considers all the questions we could have about that particular point. In my field of work, we call it "pixel-perfect".

Francis Kodama

Communication was my superpower, and it seems I had completely lost it. This course gave me back my confidence to communicate. Ultimately, it gave me back my superpower.

Orsi Csernak

Now I can stand up and speak in front of people and they understand me and pay attention. That makes me feel happy, proud, and confident. I got a new life from this program.

Valeria Prieto

After New Sound I applied for two different jobs. I managed to convey my message, experience, and passion for the industry. Now, I’m a Localization Project Manager at a translation company and I couldn’t be happier!

When does New Sound begin?
Registration for New Sound will open in 2025.
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When you sign up, you’ll also get our video lessons delivered to your inbox each week. Don’t like it? NP. You can unsubscribe at any time!

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Michaela Eperjesi

I had a job interview with a native English speaker, and the incredible thing is that my English wasn’t an issue at all. New Sound was an incredible journey that I’ll remember my whole life.

New Sound has provided me with ways to improve day by day, and as a result, I have gained a lot of confidence around my pronunciation and speaking. New Sound is not a classic course, it is unlike any other!

Ibrahim Umulu

After completing the course, it’s clear what exactly you need to do to continue improving. Other courses simply don’t offer this.

New Sound is not a classic course, it is unlike any other!

Klodiana Thana

I was getting better day by day and I wasn’t even aware of it. I went back to my first video and realized how different I sounded. You can completely notice the change from then to now, and in such a short period of time.

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