I'm opening a new transformational English program - one that has never been seen before - and I'm inviting you to join.

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The transformational English program is designed to help you acquire the right learning and speaking habits, teach you powerful communication skills,  and help you step into the mindset –  so you can finally unlock your full potential in English and make it a second nature to you. 

×´It didn't take long to feel the difference in my English. I was happy to finally find somebody who had an answer for my long-lasting-night-mare-like puzzle. I told myself: "Yes!! That's what I'm talking about!" I came out from a long foggy tunnel at last and just started to open my wings. Thank you so much for leading us all the way up here. I feel like I can see things from different angles now. I feel like English is not controlling me anymore. You definitely changed my life.
Seiko Weber

I’ve taken everything I learned from being an English learner with tremendous insecurities and a thick accent, and from teaching thousands of students around the world for over 12 years (seeing their successes and breakthroughs time after time), and I’ve poured it into a step-by-step program that teaches you not only the theory but also gets you to practice and implement the work so you see immediate results.

We trained teams in many global companies:

"This program helped me a lot to understand my needs, to understand what I have to do to move to the next level. And definitely, this program made me change my mindset. I realized that from time to time, it's really important to trust yourself, go for it, look at the big picture, and take action. "
Teodora Juduc
"I’ve never finished any course in my life, but here I am, after completing this course. I went into the program and I finished it. My husband was the first to notice my change. One day he told me "Hey, your pronunciation is better". And I felt so happy all day. I can express myself more freely now. I feel the confidence to do it because even when my pronunciation is not perfect, I can communicate. "
Isabel Velarde
"This course has given me the opportunity to rethink my way of seeing the language. It has provided me with different tools that I never thought could be so helpful, interesting, challenging, fun, and practical. Just by following these steps I can easily identify the problem and start working on it. It's a course everyone should sign up for!"
Luciana Caccese
What our awesome students say about the course: