Who am I?

When I was 20, I moved to NYC with big dreams and an Israeli accent. I wanted to become an actress But what essentially started as a secondary training in my acting studies, turned out to be my path in life. Working with the best dialect coaches in NYC on my American accent, I fell in love with the sounds of the language and the ability to own language by understanding its set of sounds, intonation, and rhythm. I was especially in awe of the huge impact it had on my speech, confidence, and life. So it became my main passion in life. I followed this passion and it led me to linguistics studies at Tel Aviv University, learning phonology and phonetics to understand what’s going on in our brains when we speak and acquire another language.
I started The Accent’s Way to be able to share from my experience and reach as many people as possible. Because I know, after seeing my students successfully apply the work, that with a few techniques and practices, you too, can immensely improve how you sound, interact, and feel when you are interacting in English.

For the past 9 years, I’ve been working with business people, entrepreneurs, actors, singers, politicians and many others who are looking for the missing link in their English training. I have worked with Hebrew speakers, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Romanian Hungarian, Portuguese and many more.

And what I realized is that no matter what your native tongue and background are – when it comes to English – we all confront similar difficulties, and the way to overcome them is the same.

I believe that you can speak clearly and confidently and still keep your voice in English. There’s no need to speak with an American accent and feel foolish or artificial anymore. There’s no need to keep your mouth shut when you have many things to say. Start being the one who does the talking. At work, when you travel, with your friends. With me, you’ll learn how to speak with an American accent, discover the secrets of native speakers, and find out how to easily overcome obstacles in your language training.But most importantly, you’ll see that you don’t need to translate yourself to English anymore, but find your true original and free voice when speaking English.

The Accent Makeover Course has been around…