Jelena Dukuljev
Head Coach and Customer Success Manager

Before joining the Accent’s Way team, Jelena worked as an online teaching assistant in a Japanese high school and then as a tutor in a Chinese online school where she taught children aged 4-16.

While she was a student in Hadar’s Accent Makeover course she fell in love with the sounds of English. “Spoken English quickly became a passion of mine, which made me want to help others gain clarity and confidence in their day-to-day lives,” says Jelena. Seeing her progress and natural ability to detect subtle nuances in speech patterns, Hadar invited her to join her team of coaches.

Jelena brings compassion and clarity to her work with students, and successfully helps them reach their goals with confidence.

Christina Hilton

Pronunciation Coach

Christina found inspiration to teach after her own experiences learning Spanish and German. Her year in Germany learning the language and obtaining a C1 certificate from the University of Eichstaett influenced her decision to get a BA in linguistics and TESOL certificate in her home state at the University of Florida. 

She understands the challenges a foreign speaker faces, which ultimately led her to become a pronunciation coach and assist others to succeed in speaking the English language with fluency. Her main belief and teaching philosophy is that pronunciation can and should be learned in a clear, fun, and engaging way.

Avi Mizrachi

Content Creator
and Pronunciation Coach

Avi is our main content creator. When he’s not creating content, he gives our students feedback on pronunciation and fluency. Avi has an MA in Linguistics from Tel Aviv University and besides English teaching, he has worked as a translator, copyeditor, and linguist, as well as a pronunciation coach in English and in Hebrew.

Serhii Arion

Content Production Manager

After coming across Hadar’s YouTube channel and joining the InFluency Facebook community in 2018, Sergey remains an active member there, and is a past student of the Accent Makeover program.
His passion for English has led him on his journey from a passive content learner to a confident English speaker and team member. This path has helped him connect with people from all around the world, and opened up amazing possibilities in his life.
In his free time, he genuinely enjoys being outdoors and exploring nature, reading self-help and sci-fi books, and watching good movies in English.

Amr Halabi

Community Coordinator
and Tech Support

Amr sees the English language as a bridge allowing people to connect and communicate. With that thought he started hosting Speaking Club meetings in the InFluency community.

With his passion for communicating with people around the world and his interest in technology, he found the best of both worlds in Beyond.

Kayla Belush

Pronunciation Coach

Kayla is a pronunciation coach from upstate New York who fell in love with the art of the spoken word after mastering her Spanish accent through the study of phonetics and phonology. This motivated her to guide others in experiencing that same sense of accomplishment in her native language of English. She completed her BA in Spanish and International Development Studies in New York and went on to receive her MA in International Cooperation for Development from the oldest university in Spain.

Kayla currently remains in Spain and is passionate about sharing her love of language with her students while inspiring them to appreciate all of the nuances of not only English, but of their native languages as well.

Judith Hoffman

Fluency Coach

Judith’s teaching focuses on public speaking skills, pronunciation, vocabulary development, and writing. She often uses art, music, poetry, and drama in teaching. While studying for her MA in TESOL, Judith became inspired to focus on fluency after discovering Hadar’s YouTube videos. Aside from teaching, Judith is also a copyeditor and Spanish-English translator.

Marwa Nawaway

Pronunciation Coach

Marwa has always been fascinated about “the sounds of English” and the way they are articulated. Her passion is rooted in her early childhood when she started learning about sounds in a book named “Super Spelling.”
Later on, and driven by her passion, she immersed herself in the language and became an active member in the English Teachers Academy. Being an avid contributor to the community, and by helping Hadar with one of her philanthropic services, Marwa was invited to join the magnificent Accent’s Way team.

Marwa believes that English is an empowering tool that can help anyone reach their wildest dreams. She believes that teaching is not just about delivering information, it’s all about building relationships and having an impact on other people’s lives.

Marcela Sancho

Fluency Coach

Marcela has been an English teacher for 25+ years and she’s been in love with the language since day one. Marcela is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to help students feel more and more empowered when interacting in English, improve their fluency, and even get to enjoy the process.

After being an invaluable part of the InFluency Community and the Accent Makeover program, Marcela was invited to join Hadar’s team of coaches. Marcela’s students praised her ability to help them gain true confidence in English speaking.

Niko Koshet
Pronunciation Coach
and Acting Coach

Niko is an Israeli-born American actress, writer, and coach. She started her career as an actress on the New York stage and continues to work internationally in TV & film. As a non-native speaker, she has worked with dozens of students and is passionate about simplifying the nuances of speech, and sharing with students everything she has learned on her own journey.

Her knowledge and experience in acting, the American accent, and business, help her students reach the results they’re after in their personal lives and careers, and help their overall mindset and confidence.

Daniela Przybyszewska

Pronunciation Coach

Daniela was born and raised in Bulgaria, but has been living in the United States since 2002. She has a BA in Journalism from the University of Minnesota and is currently working on her Master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in the University of San Francisco. She is also a proud member of Hadar’s English Teachers Academy. Last year Daniela took Accent Makeover and describes it as a turning point in her English pronunciation and her career. Seeing her impeccable and sensitive work and commitment, Hadar was excited to invite her to join her team of coaches.

Christine Yee

Pronunciation Coach

Christine has been passionate about helping English learners find their voice since 2019. She is certified in TEFL and was a proud member of the English Teacher’s Academy.

Having grown up in the U.S. as the daughter of Chinese immigrants, she learned to imitate the people around her as a way of survival. She has a particular enthusiasm for empowering immigrants wanting to improve their English for a better life.

With an extensive background in the performance arts, her teaching approach is creative and dynamic. She creates meaningful bonds with her students, who report her classes are “fun” and “never boring.” She brings a true passion for the benefits of hard work, discipline, and repetition…and a good sense of humor.

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