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This is what our students say:


I am happy because this is a complete course. I recommend this program to everyone at an intermediate level or higher. You can see the results of this course in 3 months.

Oscar Ramirez


Kayla, one of the coaches, went above and beyond every single week. She helped us clarify all of our questions and provided constant feedback on everything we did.

Yordano Matos


The coaching pod sessions are very useful and convenient for your own schedule. The meetings are weekly and continue throughout the program. The feedback is very precise and the coach points out a short list of things you need to work on. Thanks to pod sessions, I was able to master the flap T. Also, we have more time to talk about what we need when we work in small groups.

Nabila Azzabi


The pods have helped me with some mistakes that I made and was not aware of. Now I pay attention to them and have corrected them. I encourage people to join groups, get personal feedback from the coach, be more engaged, and stay committed and on track.

Luisa Garcia


The coaching pods are a fundamental tool to know if you are on the right track. It is the perfect place to practice and repeat, but with an invaluable guide. You also get really helpful tips for your specific problems and how to overcome them, and if that is not enough, the coach shares and suggests additional resources, links, and web pages where you can practice on your own. It is definitely an advantageous option to consider when joining NEW SOUND.

Onintze Petralanda


The feedback from the coaching pods helped me to complete this long journey.

This is the best choice I have ever made. Thank you to my training star Christina!



I highly recommend joining the pods because as we work together with the modules it can be really motivating. And receiving feedback is very valuable. In the coaching pods, we were able to talk with other members, get to know each other, and support each other. They encouraged me to do a hot seat with Hadar in the workshops. Although I was hesitant at first, I am glad I took this step. Getting a hot seat with Hadar was an extraordinary experience. The pod helped me become aware of the words that are challenging for me to pronounce, and when I pronounced them correctly, not only the coach but also my classmates were delighted by my progress, which made me so grateful for being part of this group.

Yoko Nakagawa


The coaching pods have been an integral part of my New Sound journey.

The small group and individual feedback make you feel committed and more anchored to the work in each Module.

The Facebook group has also been an invaluable asset.
Having individual, timely, and detailed comments on your contributions, as well as a community that supports you, is something that no New Sounder should miss.

Susanne Tiarks


The pods made me quickly identify my problems and start working on them. Also, being able to share this space with other students more closely was very helpful



I think the coaching pods are helpful because they are in small groups.
I am very grateful to Chris and Christina who paid attention to me, encouraged me, and supported me to improve my English even when I thought that my level of English was so low

Gina Prieto


I am from Taiwan and currently live in the U.S. At first, I joined New Sound simply because I wanted to push myself and step out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to build my confidence. But I got way more than that. I got the opportunity to work closely with others. On top of that, all the support I got from other New Sounders is priceless. It’s such an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.



I absolutely recommend New Sound. It helped me with my pronunciation and is the best course I have ever taken. Hadar is amazing.

I just want to thank you so much for this wonderful program. To Hadar and her team, especially Jelena for all her patience and help.

Rosa Gomez


This program made me so happy right from the beginning.

I was able to improve my TH, dark L, as well as my vocabulary and comprehension.

Thank you very much Hadar and team, because this program exceeded my expectations, with tons of good ideas to improve and practice. I have a lot to work on.

Nedelka Castillo


I’m very happy after finishing this course. Now I hear the elements of prosody when I listen to a native speaker. I can relax and speak slowly.

Sirinda Palahan


I participated in Accent Makeover and a few other courses before, which made me wonder if this new course would offer anything new. But, as soon as it started, I noticed that it contains a lot of useful information.

I really recommend this course to all English learners. If you want to unlock many secrets of the English language, this course is for you.

New Sound will blow your mind and give you all the necessary tools to master the English language. After going through this course, you will be a committed and confident language user. And who knows, you might use the knowledge you have learned in this course to learn other languages ​​as well.

Markku Ulmanen


I always believed in Hadar’s method so I never hesitated to join.

After this program, I can now speak more clearly and confidently, and my listening skills have improved.

Ann Supassorn


At first, I was afraid of being vulnerable in front of strangers, speaking in public, and making presentations.

But now I am very happy to have joined despite these fears because I found a supportive and encouraging community, in addition to having access to valuable program content.
I am much more aware of English sounds and I am improving my fluency considerably by regularly practicing exercises such as speech analysis and imitation, vocal placement, grammar, and vocabulary exercises.
I feel more encouraged to express my thoughts and ideas and I am inspired by the experiences and accomplishments of other members of the community.

I am very grateful to have access to this flawless program. After years of study, I feel that this is the first time that I have access to all the necessary tools for fluency. I am sure that the more I practice, the more I can improve my confidence and knowledge. Thanks, Hadar and the team!

Kelly Porto


I did not have any hesitation to join this program. This was the best decision I have made on my English learning journey.

I am now more aware of how native English speakers pronounce English sounds.

This program taught me to believe in myself and to trust my abilities in order to achieve the best results. It provided a road map to master fluency.
I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a better English speaker.

I am very happy with everything I learned in this course, this is a REAL investment!

Moe Zaitoun


I am happy I joined this program.

After a year as Hadar’s student, I feel that not only has my pronunciation improved, but it is also easy for me to structure a sentence and start a conversation.

Hadar’s courses are always accessible, useful, and make learning English easy.



I had some doubts before starting the program, because I was quite active in the Beyond community.

But New Sound was different. I can see the difference in my fluency, particularly sounds like TH and vowels. I also realized how important stress is. And I know it is just the beginning and I have the tools.

My confidence also increased. I feel free to speak and I feel good during a conversation. It is absolutely worth every dollar.

Daniela Vašinková


I am absolutely happy that I joined this group and finished the program. My listening and intonation have improved a lot.
Now, I feel free to speak and I know how to better use important gestures while speaking English.
The only way to learn English and become a good speaker is to commit yourself for long periods of time every day.

Ernesto Ruiz


I can’t even explain how much I have improved thanks to this program! I am over the moon:)
Now that my pronunciation is better and my confidence is much better, I am a different person!
I have already recommended New Sound to many people because it was life-changing for me.

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