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Learn English with the Ellen show

I believe that watching TV in English is not really helping you improve your spoken English.

And yes I am taking into consideration the number of hours you invest in it.
(All for your English, of course)
You: “Yeah… I’ll watch another episode of Games of Throne even though it’s 2 am.
It’s really good for my English”

So let’s agree that there’s an indirect correlation between the time you invest watching TV and the impact it has on your SPOKEN Engish.

Sure, it does help you with your comprehension and listening skills, but it doesn’t push you into speaking English fluently, because watching television is passive, and speaking requires you to be active which means these are two different skills.
(passive is always more comfortable, of course)

However, I think that you CAN crack the code of improving your fluency when watching TV. And in today’s lesson, you’ll get a glimpse of that.

Because for this episode I’ve invited Ethan from the YouTube channel ‘Learn English with TV series’ to show you how you can learn English effectively in a fun way with a monologue from the Ellen show.

Of course, once you’re done watching and practicing you have to put everything you learn into practice with your new conversation partners, yes?

Here it is:

​By the way, I’ve also made a video this week, but for the ‘learn English with TV series’ channel. And since I’m an intonation and pronunciation kind of girl, I analyzed a funny monologue from the Ellen show but there I talk about reductions, pitch, and melody.

You can watch it here:

Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below what was the one thing that was most helpful in either one of the lessons!

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7 Responses

  1. Helpful video ,such a good way in which we can improve not only prononciation but also listening .
    Thanks a lot Nadar

  2. This is such a great Idea and very helpful, the way in which the word is pronounced is very clear in Ellen’s video. Thank you Haddar.

  3. Hello Hadar Shemesh I loved learning English with the videos of Allen, this is very interesting and practical, I hope to see other videos, a big hug and thank you!!

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