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Magic Solutions in English: The Quick Way to Get Fluent

We hear a lot of false promises in English like “Get Fluent in 30 days!” or “Learn 1000 words in a month!”. While we know that those are unrealistic, we still want fast solutions in English, because we are all busy people.

We all know that language and fluency require time and work to really master. But, what if there was a way to see improvement in under 30 days?

In this week’s video I’ll share with you a way to build habits, gain momentum, and build strategy in English – in 7 days!


Podcast intro:

Welcome to the InFluency podcast, I’m Hadar. And this is episode number 247. Today we’re gonna talk about magic solutions.

As I’m recording this, I have just gotten back from a month-long trip to England and to France. It was amazing. And I feel very rejuvenated, maybe you can hear it in my voice, even though I feel like it’s a little dry, cuz I haven’t drunk enough water today. Anyway, so it has been pretty incredible cuz we haven’t been away as a family for so long, you know, since the pandemic. 2019 was the last time we traveled for the summer. We used to do that every year – travel for a full month. Because anyway, we are stuck without school. And by stuck, I’m kidding, it’s always a great opportunity to spend time together as a family, without having to wake the girls up really early in the morning and get them ready. I don’t know, maybe you’ve heard me say that in the past, but I do not love our morning routines because it takes us forever to get the girls ready.

So, when we are on holiday, especially during the summer, then there is no pressure in the morning. I wake up early before everyone else, and I have plenty of time for myself. So I love it when there’s no school, but I also love it when there is school, just for the record. Anyway, so usually, you know, for years we used to travel for the month of August. And we haven’t done that in a few years, just like the rest of the world. And we are back at it. And it was amazing, very intense – traveling to two major cities in two months is quite a lot.

Anyway, to make a long story short: I’m back, I’m super excited to get back to work. Especially since we’re starting The Fluency Festival, which is our annual event. We’re starting it in a week as I’m recording this podcast and as it’s released. So, on September 5th, we’re starting our week-long annual event called The Fluency Festival – with live training and conversation groups, implementation workshops, practice groups, challenges, and an amazing opportunity to build momentum. And it’s seven days. And I promise results, and I promise a change if you take action.

Which is a good opportunity to talk about this concept of magic solutions. Are there magic solutions? Can you have quick fixes in English and change things in a short period of time? Because sometimes we do get these marketing messages, you know: ‘fluent in three months’ or ‘learn 1000 words in one day’ or ‘learn all the grammar rules in less than three minutes’. Which is very tempting, but is it realistic? So, I’m gonna talk about that today. And at the end, you’re probably gonna hear me talking about The Fluency Festival once more.

So, if you want to get ahead of yourself, click the link in the description so you can already sign up and save your seat. And that’s it. We’ll be there waiting for you. And let’s listen to today’s episode about magic solutions, and if it’s even possible to make a change in a short period of time in your English. Let’s listen.

Video transcript:

Are there magic solutions in English? ‘Fluent in 3 months’. ‘Lose your accent in under 7 days’. ‘Learn 1000 words in 30 days’. Are these promises real? As you already know, there are no magic solutions in English. Because no matter what the formula that you’re going to use, you will still have to put in a lot of work. And, language and fluency take time. It takes time to process a language. It takes time to build habits. So, anything that is under six months or even two years feels to me like something that is not realistic.

However, what can you gain in less than 30 days or under 7 days? How can you still see improvement? How can you still get tangible results, even if we’re talking about a short period of time? Because otherwise, if, you know, what we’re aiming for, it’s only 3 years and up, we will never, never be able to stick to it and keep our motivation going.

This is why short-term solutions are critical. And to get quick results, you need to know what to do. So, yes, maybe you won’t get fluent or learn 1000 words in 7 days, but what you can do is build habits, gain momentum, make connections, and learn the right strategy for you to succeed. That you can learn in under 7 days. And when you have that, you know what to do, and how to make a massive change in the long run.

This is why I invite you to our annual fluency festival. The Fluency Festival is an event of 7 days where I will teach you the best strategy for you to break barriers and improve your fluency, to overcome limiting beliefs, to learn about pronunciation, why it is important and how you can learn that, and make it your own.

You’re also going to learn how to build strong habits and how to stay consistent and on track with your practice. More importantly, you’re gonna get a lot of guidance from me, from my coaches, from the community. You’re gonna be meeting and connecting and talking to a lot of members of the community and The Fluency Festival participants.

So you will get to practice English and speaking English a lot. And that alone is going to really help you reach a breakthrough, even if it’s under 7 days. Because you will see that it’s possible for you, and you’ll see that it’s accessible for you. And all of that is absolutely free. We’re also going to have daily sprints and challenges, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

So, I invite you to join The Fluency Festival, starting on September 5th, all the way through the 12th. I really hope you can join us. Click the link below and join today. Even if you can’t attend the live events, you can still get the recordings, collect the resources, and still have everything you need to reach a breakthrough in your English. I cannot wait to see you there.

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
247. Magic Solutions in English: The Quick Way to Get Fluent

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  1. I highly appreciate all your great lessons for this Festival.
    Especially I pretty enjoyed the ‘Sprint’ section, do you have any similar series that I can follow? Thanks

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