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How to pronounce ‘Months’

Today we have a quick and effective video for you.

The word ‘months’.
First, there’s the ‘right’ way.
Then – there’s how you actually want to say it (Hint: much easierrrrr)


Hi there, it’s Hadar. And this is the Accent’s Way, your way to finding clarity, confidence, and freedom in English. Today we’re going to talk about the word ‘months’, ‘months’. To say this word, we begin with the ‘m’ sound, and then the ‘uh’ as in ‘cup’ vowel sound. ‘muhn’, months.

Now, it sounds like a stressed schwa – ‘uh’. You relax your jaw just a bit, the lips are relaxed and the tongue is centralized. Months. It’s not ‘mOnths’, all right? There is no ‘o’ sound there. Although it’s spelled with an O, it’s ‘uh’, months.

Then we have ‘nths’. Now, since it’s a difficult transition N to TH – ‘nth’, and then bring it in to an ‘s’ – ‘nths’. You can drop the TH and then just say ‘muhns’, ‘muhns’. Alright? Do you hear it? It’s not ‘muhnths’ necessarily. It’s definitely not ‘mon-thes’ or ‘mon-ses’, alright? You do not insert a vowel there between the TH and the S. All right? Even if it’s difficult for you to pronounce the TH, you can just drop the TH instead of adding a vowel between the TH and the S. All right?

So, ‘muhnths’ or ‘muhns’. Totally fine, a lot easier, and most American speakers say that way anyway – ‘muhns’. “Three months ago”. “I saw her three months ago”. Months.

All right, that’s it. Thank you for watching. Please share this video with your friends if you liked it. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can also come and visit my website for more great content and a lot of free practices.

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you next week in the next video. Bye.

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The InFluency Podcast
189. How to pronounce MONTHS

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