In this video, we break down how to say the words 'potty' and 'party'. The difference may seem subtle at first, but it goes deeper.
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Party vs potty

Do you also struggle with the R sound?
If the answer is yes, don’t miss out on today’s video lesson. 

You see, in American English, there’s an ‘easy’ R, and a ‘tricky’ R. 
The R that slips away and disappears when we don’t pay enough attention. 
So first  – It’s not you. It’s the R. 
When the R appears at the end of the word or before a consonant, It’s 
a little more challenging to pronounce.
This is why I made today’s video. 
To show you that when you break it down, IT IS possible! 🙂 

In this lesson you’ll learn:

  1. How to pronounce clearly and with elegance the /ar/ vowel sound (as in the words  ‘car’, ‘part’, hard’ and ‘starting’.)
  2. How to distinguish between word pairs such as party vs. potty, harder vs. hotter, farther vs. father. 
  3. A simple technique that will help you understand and practice tricky words  R, and make it super easy for you to pronounce the words clearly.

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great opportunity to heard your fluency class about and the episode of party vs potty. Both are good. It is a basic way to focus the student to overcome the odds of learn a new language. It was not easy to find the place to leave a comment.
    The others video a watch was not possible to leave a comment at all. See you in the next episode!!

  2. Hi Hader, Its really useful for me what you are doing about pronunciation. I think if you could write a book with a full video then it could be best!

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