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How to use OF, AND, FOR and OR in a sentence

We all have words that we take for granted.
Words like ‘apple’, or ’house’.
The first few words you learn in school, with pictures and big letters.
The words you never struggle to find when you speak.

Today’s episode is about that. Words you take for granted.
Common, simple, super frequent words that you are so familiar with,
that you never ask yourself whether or not you really pronounce them correctly.

I’d like to let you in on a little secret.
I’m not teaching you this just to help you sound GOOD, or less foreign.

You see,
Understanding the pronunciation of these words is essential for helping you speak effortlessly, without investing too much energy, or stressing the wrong words when you speak.

And I’ll tell you another secret.
Each word has TWO different pronunciations. Yup.

So basically this video is about fours words, but you’ll actually be learning eight!

Watch NOW, and come back after, to practice with the phrases below the video!

Repeat each phrase a few times, and use the reductions as we learned them!

Phrases with ‘of’
Cup of coffee
Bottle of water
Out of your mind
Glass of water
Part of it

Phrases with ‘and’
Ladies and gentlemen
Fish and chips
Round and round
Black and white
Milk and sugar

Phrases with ‘for’
Do it for yourself
It’s fine for now
I’m waiting for someone
It’s for the best
For some reason

Phrases with ‘or’
The one or the other
Two or three
Dead or alive
Right or wrong
Now or never

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8 Responses

  1. Mam your good teacher. Your ascent is helpful for me. Daily practice this ascent . Thanks?? for this.

  2. Dear Hadar,
    Your video helped me to discover the importance of these small words.
    I think from now on I will sound much more natural.

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