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Top 10 words for Tech Professionals

I got tired of writing down the SAME old words every time I work with Techsters on their pitch.

So I decided to take those words and throw a tech party. This time I even included a pronunciation cheat-sheet and audio practice for download!

Want in?


Hey guys! It’s Hadar. And this is the Accent’s Way.

And today I have a list for you of the top ten words for tech professionals. What are tech professionals? Let me tell you.

We have IT professionals and developers, and software engineers; and I have a list cause I asked my friend, because I have no idea. We have big data developers, dev-op, full staff team leaders, automation engineers, infrastructure administrators, product managers, project managers, scientists, senior algorithm developers. Senior algorithm developer. [exhales]

So, let’s get started.



Al-g’ri-th’m. Notice it’s not al-go-ri-th’m. There is no O – /a/ as in cat. Primary stress on the first syllable – AL-g’-ri-th’m. And don’t forget to stick the tongue out for the TH.



Primary stress in the second syllable. D-ve-l’. There is no O. D’-ve-l’-p’r. No E either. D’-ve-l’-p’r.



Here the T is a flat T. And the flat T sounds just like a D in the middle of the word between two vowels. So, actually you have two sounds here that sound exactly the same. Listen… E-d’-d’r. The I is a schwa, the O is a schwa. So both of them are reduced and they sound the same. Listen: E-d’-d’r, not e-di-tor. Editor. Primary stress on the first syllable. This is where you go high in pitch. Editor.



Aa-d’-may-sh’n. I think the most important feature here is the flat T cause there is no D. It actually sounds like a D. Aa-d’-. Not aa-to-may-sh’n, but aa-d’-may. Primary stress aa-d’may-sh’n, sh’n at the end. Automation.



Primary stress is on the first syllable – /ar/, as in car. Then we have the /k/ sound – Ar-ki, like kid. Tek – Technology. Ar-ki-tek. Ch as in chips – Ch’r, Ch’r, Ch’r. Bring the tongue up immediately for the R – Ch’r.



Ugh, who invented this word? It is so difficult. Start with fai-y – you have a ‘y’ sound there – Fai-y-r. And then the trick here is to shift from the R to the W. What’s the difference? For the R the tongue is up fay-y’r and for the “waal” your lips are rounded but the tongue is down.

If you keep the tongue up because it’s very comfortable then it’s going to sound weird and muffled.  Fai-y’r-wol. Round your lips for the R, bring the tongue up – fai-y’r, and then bring it down – wa. Open your mouth for the /aa/ as in father – Waal – and then bring the tongue up again for the l. Fai-y’r-waal. Waal. Aal, aal. Waal.


Hardware. Software.

Two things you wanna remember about this one: it’s a set phrase, so the first word is going to be a little higher in pitch and slower. Hard-wer. Saa-ft-wer. The second part is not reduced. It’s not hard-were like “we were working”, but where, as in “where are you?” Hard-wer. So you need to slow it down here a little bit. Again, not hard-were and saaft-wer. Take your time, stretch the words, open your mouth.



Lots of R’s. Start with the nice strong R, round your lips: fray, /ei/ as in day – fraym-w’rk. Here you have no O, so it’s not w’ork – ‘work’. Round your lips for the W, then pull the tongue in immediately for an R – w’rk. It’s a set phrase, like ‘high school’. ‘Frame’ is going to be a little higher in pitch – Fraym-w’rk. Framework.



It is not “ser-ver” – “s’r-v’r”. So here both vowels are the same: S’r as in “yes sir”, no S sound in the middle, shift from the S to the R directly – S’r. And then from the V to the R directly. They rhyme: S’r-v’r. Primary stress on the first syllable. S’r-v’r. V’r, v’r. Server. “It’s a pleasure to server you.”



Infrastructure. So before saying this word just take a deep breath. Infrastructure. Primary stress is on the first syllable and then a lot of reduced syllables. In-fr’-struk-ch’r. In-fr’-stuck-ch’r.


That’s it, guys. Thank you for watching.

Now, how should you remember all that? For that I prepared a pronunciation cheat-sheet and audio recording. So go to my website and download those two so you can practice it every day until you say these words perfectly.

Also, I have another video of top ten words for tech professionals. So, subscribe to my channel to get notified when I release this video.


Thank you for watching. Have a great week and I’ll see you next week in the next video. Bye.

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
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Top 10 words for tech professionals

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  1. I like you. My heart go over with you. I am native Arabic I can listening and understand English very well. I have a lot of vocabulary. But becoz no practicing or you can see I don’t have chance to live among native English people. I can’t continue to speak. What you advice me. I am living and working Gulf area. Working as customer service representative

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