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Boost your English fluency with weekly video discussions, conversation groups and fun activities in a safe and empowering environment. 

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Weekly Discussions

Every week we post a new topic where you’ll be invited to answer a question or share your opinion on video or in a post (video is better). Apart from improving your vocabulary by simply speaking about a verity of new topics, you’ll learn so much about different people and cultures from around the world.

Fun Activities

On Thursdays, different members of the community create engaging tasks, from tongue twisters and acting out movie scenes to vocabulary games, grammar quizzes, stories, and more.

Speaking club

Several times a week you can join a live meeting on Zoom for a conversation session. Each session we discuss a different topic and even break into smaller rooms for a more in-depth conversation.  This is a great way to boost your speaking skills and get to know each other.

Group Members reviews

Here’s What Our Members Say

You don't have to be so active in the beginning if you don't feel comfortable. You will learn a lot here and you'll make friends even if you are the shyest person, I promise.
Daniela Przybyszewska
A safe, cozy, and fun place to speak your mind, be yourself, make friends from all over the world. ... What the heck are you waiting for? Join us NOW!!
Isaac Bacino
I learned so much from Hadar and all the members, I have no words to describe… If I compare my way of speaking now with two months ago, I can see a huge difference.
Karina Arendt
I've gained experience in how to become fluent. Also, I've met a lot of people who deserve admiration.
Vladimir Kazankin
This community is a melting pot of different nationalities where our love for the English language makes us feel like one single nation without any borders.
Federica Salvetti
I love that nobody judges anybody here and you can feel the good vibes of this group. I love the fact that no one here is a native speaker and we STILL get to improve our English.
Yaffa González
Join us today, and transform your English!

When you sign up, you’ll get weekly bite-sized lessons and monthly updates and news about the community.

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