‘Iron’: Pronunciation Tutorial

‘Iron’ is probably one of the most confusing-looking words in English. If you ever wondered how to pronounce the word ‘iron’, then this post is for you.

If we go by the spelling, we might think that we should pronounce a vowel after the R sound – ay-ron. But the truth is, there is no vowel there!

The real pronunciation is ay-uhrn.

/IPA: ˈaɪəɹn/

So, to say this word you start with the AY as in ‘my’. The next syllable actually sounds like the words ‘earn’ or ‘urn’.

So when you talk about the metal or about pressing wrinkles from clothes, make sure you don’t pronounce that O letter in ‘iron’.

Watch Hadar’s tutorial about ‘iron’ and its pronunciation. 

Once you watch the video and practice, let us know in the comments if ‘iron’ surprised you.

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