3 Ways to Pronounce ‘Library’ in English | Video Tutorial

How to pronounce Library

In this post you’ll learn three common ways to pronounce the word ‘library’. In all three pronunciations, there are 3 syllables, the first of which is the stressed syllable.

1. lai-bre-ree [IPA: ˈlaɪˌbɹɛɹi]
To make the first syllable, start with the L sound and then transition to the ‘ai’ as in ‘nice’. The second syllable begins with a consonant cluster – BR as in ‘bread’ – and then transitions into ‘e’ as in ‘red’. To make the last syllable, make an R sound and transition into an ‘ee’ sound as in ‘see’.

The other two pronunciations are a bit simpler:

2. lai-bruh-ree [IPA: ˈlaɪbɹəɹi]
Here, the vowel in the second syllable is a schwa rather than an ‘e’ as in ‘red’. Make sure everything is relaxed when you get to that vowel.

3. lai-be-ree [IPA: ˈlaɪˌbɛɹi]
Here, the second syllable has lost its consonant cluster so you should only
transition from a B sound to ‘e’ as in ‘red’.
Watch my tutorial below and practice with me the different pronunciations of this word.

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Once you watch the video and practice, let us know in the comments, which way of pronouncing ‘library’ you chose.

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