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50 Powerful Fluency Tips (in under 5 minutes)

Download my list of 50 powerful fluency tips

Ever felt stuck, not knowing what to do next to improve your fluency in English? NOT ANYMORE 🙂

In this episode I’m gonna share with you 50 of my best English fluency tips so that you can become fluent in English, or any other language.

I know, it may sound like a lot – but you don’t need to use all of them, only the ones that you will enjoy. Remember, your English work HAS to be FUN!

Which of these tips are you going to use? Let me know in the comments below.


Hey everyone, it’s Hadar. Today I’m going to share with you 50 of my best tips that are going to boost your English fluency significantly. If you’re new to my channel, then welcome. My name is Hadar. I’m a non-native speaker of English, and I’m here to help you speak English with clarity, confidence, and freedom. You can check out my website – to get started with a free pronunciation audio course, and a lot of other great stuff that are going to help you with your English.

Let’s get started with my 50 powerful English tips. And by the way, I have prepared this list for you to download. So you can click the link in the description and download it.

  1. Journal in English every day for five minutes.
  2. Speak out your thoughts for 5 minutes every day.
  3. Say ‘English is easy to me’ every time you face a struggle or feel English is hard.
  4. Teach someone something that you’re good at in English.
  5. Stop using subtitles or switch to English subtitles.
  6. Change your phone settings or computer settings to English.
  7. Use YouGlish to build your vocabulary and grammar.
  8. Join the InFluency community on Facebook.
  9. Say every new word you’re trying to remember out loud 30 times.
  10. Memorize songs in English and sing along.
  11. Read and practice movie scenes with friends.
  12. Memorize TED talks and movie speeches.
  13. Every time you need to write an email in English, consider making a phone call instead.
  14. When fear comes, say to yourself: “I’m going to do it anyway.”
  15. Spend 5 minutes a day, thinking in English.
  16. Challenge yourself to do something that scares you in English once a week.
  17. Practice the pronunciation of sounds that are challenging for you.
  18. Do imitation or shadowing exercises.
  19. Invent an alter ego who speaks English with a thick American accent, and pretend to be them. Have fun with it.
  20. Speak in your native language with a thick American accent.
  21. Go live once a week on Instagram or Facebook, speaking English.
  22. Make a daily video answering different questions every day for 30 days.
  23. Talk to your friends, kids, and family members in English.
  24. Change the directions on your GPS, Google maps, or Waze to English.
  25. Change your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri to English.
  26. Make a video explaining how to cook your favorite dish in English (with examples, of course!)
  27. Practice three English tongue twisters every day.
  28. Do pronunciation sprints.
  29. Invent a story in English (and tell it out loud).
  30. Practice telling a joke in English.
  31. Listen to audiobooks in English and read along with the actual book.
  32. Every time you make a mistake in English, say to yourself, “Amazing. Now I know how to improve.”
  33. Never apologize for your English again. You are good enough.
  34. Use speech-to-text to write messages.
  35. Write book or movie reviews online.
  36. If you practice every day, keep it up to 30 minutes so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.
  37. Every now and then record yourself and listen back to the recording and give yourself notes for improvements.
  38. Speak as much as possible.
  39. Join a free speaking club online.
  40. Write your to-do list in English.
  41. Listen to a short clip in English and transcribe it.
  42. Read out loud for 5minutes. It can be anything: an email, an article, a book.
  43. Google ‘spaced repetition’ and consider using it when trying to learn new words.
  44. Keep the list on your phone of words that you hear others used and you want to start using too. Make sure you keep this list short.
  45. Get into the habit of making fun of your mistakes rather than getting angry at yourself.
  46. When you practice or read English, create a distraction-free zone: no Facebook, no Instagram, no WhatsApp, no TikTok.
  47. Remember that English belongs to you, just like it belongs to people who were born into it.
  48. Practice giving a toast in English at your best friend’s wedding.
  49. Practice giving your thank-you speech after winning the Oscar.
  50. Last, but most important: celebrate your wins and accomplishments in English and share them with the people around you.

And you can start right here in the comments. If you have any other tips, share them in the comments as well.

Thank you so so much for being here. I hope this is helpful. If you want to get a copy of this list, you can download it by clicking the link in the description.

Thank you so so much for being here. Remember, you are important and your voice is important. And mistakes, it’s just a way for you to learn.

Have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you next week in the next video. Bye.

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
105. 50 Powerful Fluency Tips (in under 5 minutes)


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40 Responses

  1. Hi, Hadar! I very happy to join you to learn English. Your videos are very important. God blesses you so much!

  2. Thank Hadar for making a break down of the powerful tips to practice proficiency in English, the task is now on me not to miss practicing as any of them each time a day ,with my favorites as 3/50, 4/50,49/50 and 50
    Best regards!

  3. Tank You Hadar , your tips are very usefully .
    I like your style off teaching , keep up doing the great job and thanks again.👍👏🏽👏🏽

  4. Your tip about YouGlish is great! I had no idea that such a useful tool exists. No doubt I’m going to use it frequently. Thanks a lot.

  5. Lovely!!! Thanks dear Hadar.
    I’d maybe add..
    “Pray in English!

  6. Thanks for those advice .I appreciate that you helping us to overcome fear about English is so hard to learn .

  7. Hadar, you not only let us have fun learning English but also teach us very powerful ways to learn English by ourselves. Thank you. I will use a few of them, I will speak out my thoughts for 5 minutes every day (2), join the InFluency community on Facebook (8), memorize some Hadar talks (instead of Ted talks) by listening many times (12), and do imitation exercises with them (18) and will never apologize form my English (33), will keep a words list on my phone to learn them (44).

  8. WOW! your pronunciation is great. How did you do it. I was born here in Israel and moved to the states close to 70 years ago. I still have a slight accent. I use the Israeli “R” I was never able to switch to the American “R”

  9. Mainly you really possess the capacity to teach or guide any kind of learner rightly & accurately. I truly appreciate it & wish your success.

  10. I am working hard to improve my English pronunciation. I really appreciate your advices about this aspect. I will download the PDF.

  11. Thank you so much Hadar for this one and all the material you share with us, it is incredibly useful. I feel really empowered after watching your videos. All the best!

  12. I started reading loud in English
    I kept the list of new vocabulary
    I try to listen TV shows in English

  13. They are really powerful tips. I am already working on some of them. I like to record myself and listen again to myself. It helps me to figure out my strength and weakness points.

  14. Many thanks, Hadar! I’m starting now following your channel and that’s amazing!
    Sincerely yours!

  15. Invent your own pronunciation alphabet to include all the features that you consider troublesome to you. When practicing try to look at and apply it.

  16. Thank you Hadar for the tips ! One more to add, read something in English and then say the main idea with your own words.

  17. Watch movies dubbed in your native language with English subtitles. I know, I know: It is precisely the opposite of what most learners do. However, it has the advantage of 100% correspondence between what you hear (in your native language) and what you read. And there is also the advantage of learning idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms (existing in the dubbing version) whose meaning you probably would not understand if the same movie was watched with original audio in English (even with English subtitles).

    Alessandro, from Brazil.

  18. Hooray !!!! I speak English! (Tip #50)

    I’m from Brazil and I study English every single day! I change the way I practice English every now and then. As an example, I have been listening to radio a lot, lately! So this is my tip for today: Choose a city or a region you would like to live or to visit and listen to its local radio stations. Most of the radio stations today are broadcasting by internet too. It’s not a big deal to find one.

    See you next time!

    1. Teacher Hadar, indeed you’re out of this word ,I loved you’re method of teaching, a bunch of thanks for these beneficial tips, I will try to keep track of that and do my best

  19. I’m going to use this tip:

    15. Spend 5 minutes a day thinking in English.

    Thank you, this is the first, I’ll continue with next one…

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