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The Tongue Twister Challenge

The difference between being a coach in life and a teacher on youtube, is the ability to interact and hear my audience.

I also thought (I’ve had a very thoughtful few days) that I really wanna do something that would get you to take action and do something that is more than just watching my videos.

Because when you take action, it has an immediate effect.
When you decide to do something that is beyond your comfort zone, you confront your fears and face your obstacles, and only then you develop confidence, improve your abilities and change arrives.

So… I came up with the TONGUE TWISTER CHALLENGE.

Ready? Let’s go:

Remember, It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to do it.
It might be a little difficult and overwhelming at the beginning, but don’t worry. Repeat it slowly many times, go over the difficult transitions, break it down to yourself – and try it over and over until your tongue remembers what to do.

Watch the result of the Tongue Twister Challenge here.

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