Episode #3

How to Stay Motivated When Learning English

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  • 3. How to Stay Motivated When Learning English 00:00

Learning English can easily get boring, and soon you may find yourself doing something else and beating yourself up for not keeping up with your studies. If this scenario rings a bell, this episode is for you so tune in and give yourself a motivation boost!

00:00 – Introduction – comfort zones are great until they’re not 🙂

03:50 – Remember your WHY – what do you wish for yourself that requires speaking English?

05:30 – Make it interesting – some ideas for creating your own practice exercises 

07:50 – Stay focused and keep the flow – what you need to do in order to see results

11:00 – Set clear and specific goals – you don’t want your learning process to be overwhelming

13:10 – Make it sustainable – start small and keep it small, you’re in it for the long haul

14:30 – Friendly advice 🙂

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9 Responses

  1. Hi hadar. I am tuba. From Turkey. I wanna learn English very much since I was a little child. Since then I have always studied on my own. I didnt have any speaking practice. I graduated two different department but now I am second grade of English teaching. I am very happy. I wanna be a speaker who speaks English in the best way. Some day I came across your YouTube video and I registered right now. I am listening for your podcasts. I hope my wish comes true. Well, by this way, I hope my sentences are right. Thanks for recommendations. Have a nice day. Xoxo

  2. As I see, English language is so popular ,so to know English well and speak fluently can take you to another world and it can safe you from many issues !

  3. The way we’re wired is that when we start doing things, it doesn’t matter what it is whether it’s doing your job, writing something, or practicing your English. What does “the way we’re wired” mean?

  4. Hi, Hadar, I want speak good English – may be a little like a native speaker! Your podcasts are great! I am trying to pick up pronounciation even from your podcasts. I keep listening to them repeatedly.
    Keep the good work up.

  5. First of all, I want to thank you for these podcast series. It is huge chance for us to improve our listening comprehension. As you know, there are lots of British English podcast but American accent.
    When it comes to my story, I started learning English to fulfill my dream of being pilot. In order to be able to get accepted by airline, I had to pass TOEFL. Interestingly, even though I passed that exam, I gave up on being pilot because of personal reasons. However, I haven’t stop myself from learning English because it has been just a hobby for me. While dealing with it, it make me happy, as simple as though 🙂 and I highly recommend that English must be a part of your life and life style .
    Long story short, I love English just for fun and curiosity.
    Best regards…

  6. Hi,my why is i want to speak English fluently because i want to teach other,and i want to communicate to other people using English language.

  7. Hi Hadar, I’m David…
    I am italian and I want to study english, but there are too many information about it.
    what can i start studying from and what?
    I find podcasts very useful for listening to the pronunciation and associated text for reading …. I’m starting to study from here.
    Thank a lot

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