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How to Improve your listening skills in English - 9 tips for English Learners

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  • 138. How to Improve your listening skills in English – 9 tips for English Learners 00:00

Do you sometimes have trouble understanding native speakers and non-native speakers on television, movies, or in real life? Are you afraid of going into a conversation and not understanding the person you’re speaking with? Well, you’re not alone.

When learning and speaking a second language, one of the biggest challenges we face is being able to understand the speakers of that language.

In this episode, I’m gonna share with you strategic tips to improve your listening comprehension and practice active listening in your day-to-day life.
Using these tips will allow you to develop your listening skills and feel much more confident when communicating in English.

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6 Responses

  1. Eu simplesmente estou cada dia mais motivado em buscar a fluência no Inglês. Hadar, passa só conteúdos de muita qualidade e me faz sentir muito mais confiante. Hoje tenho ela como principal referência no estudo de inglês.
    Muito obrigado

  2. This is most helpful! I’ve always liked to learn from you. At the beginning of the lesson, I couldn’t wait to hear the exact things I can do to improve my listening skill. When I finally did, they were so interesting! Thanks Hadar, I will stay glued to your podcast.

  3. I am able to understand mostly what you are talking. The problem is when I am not exposed to slangs or vocabulary I am not able to understand but what I do is to work on my weakness. My main problem is the speaking part so I need to practice and expose myself to the language. I need to speak clearly and fluent. Love your teaching!

  4. Thanks for the message! It’s really important to learn how to properly produce sounds, intonations and Tones in order to improve our listening skills! All your suggestions are welcomed!

  5. I have the same difficulty. I can’t understand clearly because of the native speakers pronunciation. I need to learn pronunciation.

  6. I really need to improve my English. I’ve dificult when listening native speakers because they link the words and reduce the vowels. I liked your cues very much.

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