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Are You Good at Receiving Compliments About Your English?

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Is receiving compliments about your English HARD or EASY for you?
Do you feel good and respond with a THANK YOU?
Or do you start explaining (or thinking) why you’re not really worthy of those compliments?
If that’s the case, today’s episode is really for you.

I’ll talk about why taking compliments can be so hard, and why we need to start celebrating small achievements to feel better about English.

Mentioned in the episode:
Why do I feel like a fraud every time I speak English? | The Impostor Syndrome https://hadarshemesh.com/podcast/11/

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13 Responses

  1. Hi Hadar
    I am really pleased to have taken these English classes, and it is surprising to me how I have managed to understand, and even more thoroughly understand, the explanations that you masterfully do. Before, I humbly confess, it cost me
    a world follow a conversation or an explanation in English. Now I am able to capture a high percentage and spin the context of the issues. I owe that to his simple way of explaining and teaching, which together with his pleasant voice and the emphasis and gestures combine in a true pedagogical faculty. My sincerest congratulations

  2. Thank you for this podcast, Haddar! It might look like an insignificant thing yet it is so important to be able to really recieve compliments. And i think other people appreciate it a lot if they see their compliments recieved properly. It’ll show them that you trust them.

  3. Hi Hadar!
    It is really a great job, I would like to thank you for your kind compliment you have sent me in e-mail even though you never heard me to speak and only send me e-mails , I am always busy with my job but i will try to watch these videos’ whenever i will have time. Thanks for all

  4. Hi, Hadar. Thanks a lot for the podcast. Actually the podcast itself and the comments below made me cry. It has been a hard time and I have got no one to talk to.

    I really appreciate the content you prepared which shows your strong empathy for people like me who are working on learning English. Mojtaba said that “our family seldom give a compliment about us”. So does my family and many in China as I know. I find your contents not only helpful in learning English and communication, but also empowering in navigating a fulfilling life. They make me feel warmth and confidence. Thank you.

  5. Hi Hadar, every one like to hear compliments , l receive it with pleasure even i know it is sometimes not true ,ppl who say lovely words better than frustrating words also boost u with positive energy but be aware to depend on it and become ppl pleaser.
    Thanks for podcast

  6. I want to Begin say you, is the first time that contact with you. A just few days ago i have met you. I dont believe in coincidences ,since it happened, you gave me confidence. I appreciate your efforts for us. Y say you something , it will not the last time that Hear about me.I”ll continue studying a lot.

  7. Every Hadar’s podcast sound to me like an amazing class, a lesson that I should take for all the life ahead. It’s incredible the way she develops her feelings about complex issues. Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Hadar!
    First and foremost I would like to thank you for your kind compliment you have sent me in e-mail even though you never heard me to speak and only send me e-mails :-).
    I dare say I also downplayed the compliments in the past. I am currently an old man and I have learnt a lot of things during my live. One of them is to say “thank you” when somebody still compliments me for something, frankly for anything :), and I am happy about it. The second thing is to say: “I am doing great” when somebody asks: “How are you?”. It is not common behavior in my country (I am from Czech Republic). Mostly people find something to complain about and I really do not like it because our live in CZ is really great, much much better then in a lot of other countries. So when I feel really crazy when somebody asks how I am I say “I am much better then I deserve a you too”.
    At last I would like to say I cannot get why such a beautiful lady as you can be unsure and timid. You are the stunning beauty, you speak English incredibly great even though it is your second (probably) language. You are doing great as a teacher etc. I always look forward for your next podcast or video and I dare say they are really great and helpful.

    So thank you very much for all your effort.
    Have a great time

  9. Great, I haven’t listened this episode still, but I’ll do it later because I’m feel identified with it; sometimes someone make me a compliment and I feel, like if I haven’t improved in the English, I say thank you but inside of me and with my body language like you say I say I could be better, I’m not enough. So, well, I will enjoy this episode like the others you’ve done.

  10. Hey Haddar, I just finished listening to your podcast and, I find it so entertaining, please keep it up. It has been very helpful to me and for sure for any other student who is learning English. I studied English in elementary and high school at an American School down in Mexico. Of course, only about one-third of my teachers were from English-speaking countries, but I think that number of teachers was enough for any student at that early age to pick up the language. To be honest, I finished those primary studies a lot of years ago. Now I try to watch some of the news and small video clips in English or at least do some reading in English so as not to forget what was achieved. Ok, Haddar, it is nice getting in touch with you this way. I’ve gotta run but wishing you all the best.
    Warm regards
    Jesus Saldaña

  11. Hi Hadar, It was just the thing i was going through recently. You know Most of the time when we get a compliment we feel like we don’t deserve that because our closest people (our family) seldom give a compliment about us. That is what I think. Thanks for podcast.

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