Pronunciation Challenges by Language

Do you ever wish you knew EXACTLY what you should focus on in English that would make the biggest difference in your pronunciation and clarity?

Look no further! I have created videos and resources for pronunciation challenges in English for speakers of 8 different languages!

Each video breaks down and explains the specific challenges that speakers of these languages may face when it comes to speaking English. But more than that – you’ll learn how to overcome them and become a more confident and clear speaker of English.

Pronunciation challenges for ARABIC speakers

Pronunciation challenges for BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE speakers​

Pronunciation challenges for CHINESE speakers

Pronunciation challenges for HINDI-URDU speakers

Pronunciation challenges for SPANISH speakers​

Pronunciation challenges for JAPANESE speakers​

Pronunciation challenges for RUSSIAN speakers

Pronunciation challenges for KOREAN speakers

Don’t speak any of these languages? I bet that as a non-native speaker of English you can still find at least one challenge that is relevant to you 🙂 Let me know what it is in the comments below!

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  1. Ciao. Well. Somebody has already asked ‘u for an italian pronunciation guide to download. It would be fantastic. Anyway. Thanks Hadar for the super work u’re doing. I lov’it! & let me know how is learning a new language fron scrath!!! :-))..CDV

  2. Hi, I’m french and arabic speaker, there is no problem fot me to prononciate “th”, “tch”, “h” “r” and so on, but i can’t distinguish “leak” and “lick” by hearing, for exemple. I think, the difficulty is with vowels. Thanks to Hadar and her Team for all.

  3. I’m Polish and find various vowel sounds and intonation challenging. Especially I can’t properly pronounce words like: word, world, air, beer, bear, and some like these.

  4. People whose native language is Spanish usually drop last consonants. We have exactly the mistakes you pointed out. It is a pleasure to here all your advices

  5. Thanks for all the helpful information. Did you think to add FRENCH in your challenge? It will help me so much

  6. I’m Italian and I often find alien the musicality of the phrase in English: the always stress the “wrong” words!

    1. I totally agree! when I first started studying English pronunciation, it does sounded weird to my ears lol

  7. I am from Serbia. In my language, we have one rule: one letter = one voice. Always the same. Because of that, for me, English is very strange language

    1. I’m from Croatia and I feel the same. That’s why I find connected speech the most challenging regarding priority in pronunciation.

  8. I’m a non native speaker of English, I’m a french speaker but I try to learn English and speak it like native speaker, a little bit
    And Hadar has played a big role in this ; She’s still motivated me and I love her so much, thanks a lot 🙏😊

  9. So am i, i’m polish and find various vowel sounds and intonation challenging. And difficulty when i speak english

    1. Hi Diyola, Karen here! I am a Spanish speakers and I also find vowels sound super hard to pronounce

  10. Hello
    I’m a french native and I have a french accent when I speak english. I don’t know how to stress the words because french language doesn’t stress words. I think I can’t really hear some english sounds too.

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