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10 AMAZING TIPS that’ll SKYROCKET your English fluency

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Ready to make a change in 2022? ???

The end of the year is always a good time to set goals for the new year. And if improving your English is on that list, you’ll definitely need the right strategy for it! So I got you covered!

In this episode, I collected for you 10 of my best tips to help you understand how to reach your English goals THIS YEAR! ?
You’ll learn about what you should focus on, and what you should let go of ?

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One Response

  1. Thank you so much Hadar and your team for creating this wonderful learning materials for us non native English speakers to master the English speaking fast. I’m already 54 years old. I’m learning English as a second language since I was 7 years old. I live here in the Philippines, and am a Filipino. English subject is part of the curriculum of the Philippine Educational System from primary to tertiary education.

    I spent so much time and effort in reading and writing in English hoping to get better in my speaking the English language. But through your Youtube videos, I learn that there is a huge difference between passive and active English. I now realize that I need to change my strategy. I learn that to get better in speaking I have to engage more in speaking the language than in writing. At my age now, my desire and goal is still to be a fluent speaker in English. I am an introvert person. I was an office worker for more than 20 years, wherein my tasks were more on paper works. By the way, I am an office staff in one of the premier high schools here in the Philippines, offering scholarship to deserving incoming high school students. I have just been promoted to the position of a dormitory manager two months ago wherein I will have a direct engagement with students and parents. It means I will be active in various meetings with different stakeholders. This is completely a different field of work. Though we are in the Philippines, we use the English language as our official language in business communication. That is why I am more intense in my desire to acquire the fluency in speaking the language. Since it is pandemic time, I am quite lucky because our students are still on their online classes scheme. Our dormitory has no dormers yet. But I have to prepare myself, particularly in learning the fluency of expressing myself in English, before the face to face classes is allowed.

    I find your program helpful and effective. I need a community of non native speakers, like this one, so I can practice my English speaking skills. I hope and pray that through your program I can achieve my goal. I welcome and appreciate any guidance from you and your team on how to improve my speaking skills. God bless and more power to you and to your team!

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