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Improve Your Pronunciation in 14 Days | Free How To Pronounce Marathon🏆

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  • 212. Improve Your Pronunciation in 14 Days | Free How To Pronounce Marathon 🏆 00:00

Want to improve your pronunciation fast? Join our 14-day ‘How to Pronounce’ Marathon!

The marathon is going to happen on my INSTAGRAM page @hadar.accentsway where I’ll be sharing a short explanation of how to pronounce tricky and challenging words.

Why working on the pronunciation of single words is so useful:

👉 It helps you become more aware of the actual sounds in words (and not how you THINK they should sound)
👉 You develop an awareness of your articulation organs and how to control them
👉 You invest less energy in pronouncing frequent words
👉 You build confidence
👉 You enhance your active vocabulary thanks to the repetitions in the pronunciation practice!

My students and followers love learning how to pronounce tricky words in English. And this is why I decided to have a 14-day marathon to practice just that.

The How-to-Pronounce marathon will start on April 27. I’ll share 3 single words every day and invite you to practice them with me.

Best part? If you share it in your own story or feed, you might win a live 1:1 coaching session with me.🥳️🥳️

Catch up with the latest how-to pronounce video tutorials here: https://bit.ly/3OFaZfW

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