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Episode #255

The letter O in 'coffee', 'job', and 'office'

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English words can be really confusing sometimes.
In these how-to-pronounce episodes published on Fridays, I’ll help you with the pronunciation of confusing or challenging words and common names.
This week we’re going to talk about words with the A as in ‘father’ vowel sound, as in the words ‘coffee’, ‘job’, and ‘office’.

Here’s a loose transcription of the words as explained in the episode:
Office: aa-f’s [IPA: ˈɑːfəs]
Job: djaab [IPA: dʒɑːb]
Coffee: kaa-fee [IPA: ˈkɑːfi] or ko-fee [IPA: ˈkɔːfi]
Not: naat [IPA: nɑːt]
Possible: paa-suh-b’l [IPA: ˈpɑːsəbəl]
Possibility: paa-suh-bi-luh-dee [IPA: ˌpɑːsəˈbɪləɾi]
Problem: praab-l’m [IPA: pɑː ˈpɹɑːbləm]

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