Episode #317

Shadowing English Practice with Ana de Armas (SNL monologue + script)

00:15:24 minutes long
audio file size: 21.3 mb

Download the free PDF to practice your shadowing and see the full transcript: https://bit.ly/3NN1cq9

In this episode, shadow a scene with me by the Cuban actress, Ana de Armas! Not only is Ana an incredible actress, but she’s also a great example of how to use voice, humor, and intonation to make an audience laugh – and she does that in her second language.

Ana’s story of learning English is an inspiration, she didn’t learn English until she came to the US, at 26 years old!

I hope you will see this as a true example of what is possible in a second language, as we’ll practice Ana’s speech and see how she uses her voice to deliver lines that are both funny, charming, and inspiring.

Video version of the episode: https://hadarshemesh.com/magazine/shadowing-with-ana-de-armas/

Watch the original monologue here: https://youtu.be/MTJK-4Eu4r8

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