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Episode #372

3 strategies that will help you stop translating and start thinking in English!

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Do you want to begin thinking in English more? Naturally, it can be challenging to switch from thinking in your native language to English. But today, I’m sharing with you three strategies that I’ve used myself to start thinking in English.

Are you already using any of these strategies? Let me know!

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One Response

  1. Hi Hadar, I think these strategies are very powerful. Journaling is not my cup of tea but I will try to do it. Related to the second one certainly I beleive in it, we have a lot of moments along the day where it can be used. When it comes to the third one maybe it is on the top of all the three. A little more dificult to practice but I am sure that it will also work. Thanks for the advice. Have a fantastic day!!!

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