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Episode #380

Relocation Diaries: So…I moved to Barcelona 🤯😍 [NEW SERIES]

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Guess what!? I moved! In January, 2024, my family and I packed up and moved to Barcelona. A new country, new language(s), and many, many challenges.

This new series, Relocation Diaries, will be about the struggles, conflicts, happy moments, learning a language, mindset work, and how I almost lost my mind over one refrigerator (long story, coming soon).

I knew I wanted to document this time and share it with you. ❤️ Get ready for more behind the scenes of my life and my business!

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29 Responses

  1. Wow! Hadar thank you for sharing your story and this amazing journey, I also live in Barcelona with my wife and 2 children and I am from Panamá, and I have gone through some of the things you mentioned, too. Welcome to this great city, you’ll love it more and more as time goes by. I am looking forward to seeing you and the other students at the Barcelona lecture you’ll do in June. See you!

  2. Hi my dear teacher best wishes for you n your family’s I’m from Pakistan Islamabad

  3. Hadar. The best wishes for you and your family. Look (Mira) you gonna have a good times living at Barcelona.
    Eat the best food you can (come La mejor comida que puedas) talk to your neighbors (habla con tus vecinos) and visit museums with you family and new friends you make. ( y visita museos con tu familia y los nuevos amigos que hagas. Congrats , Felicitaciones, Mazal Tov,

  4. Hello Hadar. Your story is very close to me. I had to relocate, because of a war (I’m from Ukraine). I moved from my home to other part of Ukraine… but I’ve not could hide from the war… I didn’t plane the removing, but I was need to do it quickly, under bombing… Of couse I would like to go to other country and be in safety with my family… but our borders are closed and we have to stay here… I hope all be ok with you and your family in the new country. And these tarrible wars will be stoped…

  5. Hi , I apréciate your history of your family…I am mexicana I Can teach you spanish ..I love Barcellona beautiful country.

    With pleasure to help you,

    Regina E.

  6. Hello Hadar.
    First of all I want to say you that you will get good things in your new life. Barcelona is a beautiful city
    I wish you and your family the best



  7. Hi Hadar!!
    Welcome to Barcelona. I live in Bilbao a beautifull city in the north of spain that I recomend you to visit. We speak “Euskera” one of the oldest language in Europe, there are nice beaches and landscapes, delicious food (pintxos) and marvelous people.
    It is great to hear and to read everyday.
    Thanks so much for work and share experiences.
    With love,

  8. Hi Hadar!
    Welcome to Catalan speaking countries. I live in Borriana, Castelló), two provinces south from you now. If you need any help from me, I don’t know…with integration, spanish and catalan cultures, languages (even the differences between both and inside them!), politics, administrative issues…or whatever you need, you can count with me. I’ll do my best to help you!

  9. Wishing the best on new personal challenges. I know how feelings would be coming… Thank you for sharing with us!

  10. Thank you Hadar, that we could listen to your personal confession of recent events of your difficult decisions that you decided to make recently.
    I wish you, and your family, lots of strength and health to overcome all obstacles .

  11. Hadar dear, I was thrilled to learn the news! I´m from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Rio when I was 24 and had a backpack experience in Europe when I was 30, living in London for several months. On my tour around the Old Continent, Barcelona was for sure the most amazing city, the one I would go back to live in if I had the opportunity. I´m sure you and your family will do just fine! When your Spanish gets good enough, read the book “Fe y Libertad” (faith and freedom) by a Benedictine nun called Teresa Forcades. It changed completely my view of God and myself. I wish you all the best! But keep us posted!

  12. Shalom Hadar,
    I moved to Israel from Argentina at the age of 21 and I learned Hebrew.
    I moved to Switzerland at the age of 30 and I learned French (and moved back to Israel later on).
    I moved to California US now at the age of 44 (yeah I already speak English).

    So remember this: new place means new friendships, people around will become your “extended family”, you are adding to your life.
    Languages are acquired like everything else. And you know that.

    (Personally I think the struggles you have are more about the situation back at home – for me it is the same, we are privileged to be able to choose.. and it hurts knowing that others are suffering so much…).

    Abrazos desde California.

  13. Hadar, I know it is a difficult decision but I am sure it will be an incredible inflection point in your life journey. I am sure that all will be very good and very interested. Congratulations and a very good look for all. It will be amazing.

  14. Hadar, that’s so lovely to hear your story! It’s truly amazing how we can connect with the person behind the mic and appreciate their beautiful soul.
    Thank you for your honesty 🙂

    P.s. I know that many people will tell you, but if you ever need any help in here, I’m sure you’ll receive it. We all admire you. Not only professionally, but now personally.

  15. I love Barcelona and was there last year. I love the city center with those allies and apartments with high ceilings and huge windows. I love the food variety and the atmosphere. I would love to live in one of those apartments for at least 6 months

  16. Congratulations for beginning a new chapter in the life.Congratulations for achieving milestone and magical figure of one million subscribers.Wishes for Hadar Family.

  17. Love this! A great example of resilience, thanks a lot for sharing. Best wishes and a wonderful experience in Spain. We’re close by, so count on me for whatever you need.


  19. Hola !, nice to meet you 😘, te sigo y me encantaría poder conocerte, hice exactamente lo mismo que tú , pero desde Chile a Barcelona, hace 5 años y ha sido una experiencia Maravillosa , con mucho aprendizaje…. Ahora en clases de Ingles con Mariana (teacher) me encantaría poder seguir aprendiendo with you and I’ll be a opportunity to meet you, I want to improve my English too, wherever you need , please just ask me.
    Congratulations !!! and I hope to see you soon, take care ❤️

  20. It is not easy!!!! But, in long term, it will be the best thing to do for you and your girls. They, probably, in 6 months will speak fluent Spanish and many friends!!!!For us adult will take long to adapt and learn!!!! I am sure that in 1 year your family will be ok!!! Praying for you and family💞💞

  21. Lovely Hadar!!
    I’m so thrilled to hear that you are here in BCN. Very very welcome.
    I would really love if I could be useful.
    We can speak “spanglish”🤣🤣🤣 and make this time easier and funny.
    Get in touch with me and I’ll be more than proud to got where you are.
    Best wishes.

  22. Hi Hadar! Congratulations with a new life and 1000000 subscribers!!! It’s a great achievement 👏👏! I’m sure if you make some videos about your life in Barcelona, your subscribers will be grow much quicker because we’re all very interested of your new experience! Love you 😘

  23. Hadar. I was thinking listening to your podcast that I was glad I didn’t catch the video version because I didn’t want to see you struggle to speak because you were overcome by emotion. I am sorry you are hurting. I believe you are so very good at what you do and that is because you “tienes angel,” unbreakable spirit. Love. Always.

  24. It was a great idea, I loved to hear everything, I will listen again and again in order to improve my pronunciation and vocabulary, thanks for thinking on me, you are a nice, lovely person, I love everything you do!!! Thanks again, good luck!!!

  25. Salam
    Good luck for your settlement in a new country.Spain is a beautiful country full of amazing breathtaking nature and beside this you are close to my country Morocco that it is worth visiting for sightseeing ,
    And as you know the north of Morocco people speak Spanish and you can find even polyglot people who can speak in English and translate sentences from English to Spanish.
    So I wish you all the best for your new abode in Spanish and enjoy your lifetime.
    Take care

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