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Eduardo asked me to explain the difference between the words: though, thought, and tough. Now, they all look the same with those O’s, U-G-H’s, but they sound differently.

So let’s explain the difference between the three. The word ‘though’ begins with a strong ‘th’ sound – “th” and then the “O-U-G-H” stands for the ‘oh’ as and ‘go’. So basically, it’s only two sounds “th-ow”, “thow” “thow”.

The word ‘thought’, although you only add a T at the end but the vowel is different. In this case, the “O-U-G-H” stands for the ‘ah’ as in ‘father’ vowel. The ‘th’ is a soft ‘th’, so the tongue comes out and only air is passing – “th” – then you open it to an ‘ah’ sound – thaa” – and you end it with a very subtle T: “thaat” “thaat”. “Though”. “Thought”.

The third word is ‘tough’. So in this case we begin with a strong T sound it’s not a “th” – “T” “T” “T” – and the “O-U-G-H” stands for “uh” “uh”. And then it ends with an F sound. So the “G-H” actually represents the F – “tuhf” “tuhf” “tuhf”. “Though.” “Thought.” “Tough.” Alright? Good!

Very simple, when you think about it. Right? Go ahead and practice it and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet.
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