How to pronounce Worcestershire

If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce Worcestershire or Worcestershire sauce, you’ve come to the right place.

As in most English words the spelling doesn’t match the pronunciation. There are actually only three syllables, and not four, in the word Worcestershire: WU-stuh-sh’r

Watch the video tutorial on how to pronounce Worcestershire sauce:

Here’s a quick recap:

Start with a W sound and a lax U sound as in ‘pull’.

Here you have the consonant cluster ST followed by a schwa.

Finally there sh’r, as in ‘sure’.

The primary stress is on the first syllable: Wu-stuh-sh’r

The pronunciation of Worcestershire is hard for native speakers as well as non-native speakers. There are so many memes out there about this word, and for a very good reason.

What is Worcestershire?

Worcestershire is a county in England. You might have heard about ‘Worcestershire sauce’, a sauce that was first made in the city of Worcester, in Worcestershire county.

Worcestershire sauce is used frequently for food and drink, such as Welsh rarebit, Caesar salad, steaks, hamburger, and Bloody Mary cocktails.

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