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This will skyrocket your English communication skills

What if I told you there was one thing you could do daily that would improve everything about your English communication: how you organize your thoughts, how to think in English, how to quickly find the words, your pronunciation, your vocabulary, your voice, your public speaking skills, your confidence and your overall flow.

It’s absolutely free and all you need is your phone, 2 minutes of your day and your commitment.

I have talked about it many times before, but if you’re not YET doing it – maybe you will after watching this video.

Watch to find out what is the BEST ENGLISH COMMUNICATION TIP that has helped thousands of my students.

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17 Responses

  1. I’m trying this tip from tomorrow. It’s a great idea. Thanks Hadar for helping us to progress.

  2. Hi Hadar !

    I terribly regret that I skipped here your thoughts. All of your proposals are so precious that every of us have to profit from them. I hade regularly done these sort of practices and I can testify that there are enormously profitable.

  3. Yes, I loved the tip. It seems to be so powerful to improve one’s fluency.
    So let me start trying it every day. Tks a lot for it, Hadar.

  4. Yeah, it’s great tip Hadar. I’ve already started. And making videos without preparation is another level, cause in normal live we have no time for preparation when we need to start speaking immediately.

  5. You’re always coming up with new ideas for us to get better at communicating. You’re nothing else but AWESOME, Hadar! ❤️

  6. Thanks a lot Hadar for this wondelful tip. I love everything you teach us. You’re amazing!

  7. The way you explained the tips to improve our communication skills that really help enhance our skills to get to another level.

  8. Hello Haddar. I’m a little concerned about me ,enlisting in one of your classes. I paid $ 297.00 , and I still haven’t received any sign of you receiving my application and the money and I do not know when the classes will start.
    Kindly, will you check on this for me please, I’m eager to start the lessons. Thank you very much. Catalino Reyes.

  9. I’m a teacher/tutor. I’m going to introduce this idea to some of my students.
    Thank you.

  10. Loved it!
    I’m thrilled to get to know you, after all. You’re so amazing, vibrant, and supportive!

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