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How to pronounce the L

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  • 104. How to pronounce the L 00:00

English sounds can be really confusing sometimes.
In these how-to-pronounce episodes published on Fridays, I’ll help you with the pronunciation of confusing words or sounds.
This week we’re going to talk about the L sound.

Did you know that there are actually two L sounds in English? And did you know that getting it right is crucial for your clarity?

Practice the L and see results! Download list and practice with audio the light and dark Lhttps://bit.ly/2Nniz3Z

Here’s a loose transcription of words with a light L as explained in the episode:

  • Light: lait [IPA: laɪt]
  • Allow: uh-lau [IPA: əˈlaʊ]
  • Belly: be-lee [IPA:ˈbeli]
  • Listen: li-s’n [IPA: ˈlɪsən]
  • Play: plei [IPA: pleɪ]
  • Clothes: klowz [IPA: kloʊz]
  • Clean: kleen [IPA: kliːn]
  • Shallow: sha-low [IPA: ˈʃæloʊ]
  • Lost: lost [IPA: lɔːst]

And here’s a loose transcription of words with a dark L as explained in the episode:

  • Well: wel [IPA: weɫ]
  • Fall: fol [IPA: fɔːɫ]
  • Milk: milk [IPA: mɪɫk]
  • Wall: wol [IPA: wɔːɫ]
  • Help: help [IPA: heɫp]
  • Girl: g’rl [IPA: ɡɝːɫ]
  • Heal: hee(y)l [IPA: hiːəɫ]
  • Peel: pee(y)l [IPA: piːəɫ]
  • Deal: dee(y)l [IPA: diːəɫ]
  • Feel: fee(y)l [IPA: fiːəɫ]
  • Pool: poo(w)l [IPA: puːəɫ]
  • Rule: roo(w)l [IPA: ruːəɫ]
  • Cool: koo(w)l [IPA: kuːəɫ]

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3 Responses

  1. Eu sou Angolano tenho dificuldades na pronúncias de algumas frases como journey e de empregar os pronomes durante um meeting.

  2. Eu so Angolano a maior dificuldade que tenho e de formular perguntas e de empregar os pronomes no momento de conversação, também nas pronúncias de algumas freses.

  3. I am French and I really struggle with Dark L. It’s difficult for me to pronounce because we don’t have this kind of sound in French.

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