Episode #172

Similar English Vowels? Here’s How Not To Get Confused!

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Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to say ‘body’ but it came out as ‘buddy’ instead? Or maybe you never noticed that these two words should be pronounced differently because they sound the same to you? If you sometimes confuse vowel pairs in English, this episode is for you!
In this episode, I’ll go over some of the key vowel distinctions in English and will help you perceive the difference between each two vowels, and then – how to pronounce and practice them.

Here are separate videos on some of the vowel pairs you might want to watch:

➕ a full Pronunciation Masterclass on all English Vowels + PDF of IPA CHART FREE Download https://youtu.be/9E6F57s-V7U

Finally, use ⏱️ Sprints with Free PDFs to practice vowel pairs and other English sounds:

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