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Episode #173

Real Stories About What’s Possible | Interview with Rosaline

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My students and community members are truly inspiring. In these What’s Possible episodes, I’ll have a conversation with them about their journey, and in particular what has worked for them and led them to change the circumstances in their lives (for the better!).
In this episode, Rosaline will share a bunch of incredible insights about mindset and language, cultural differences, building habits, and the fastest way to become confident (it worked for her).

Watch the video version of the interview here.

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2 Responses

  1. Hallo ,I’m Francesca from Italy and I want to take part to your english f.b. comunity . Where that possibol ? At the moment I try sto learn english by myself because I can’t affort a english class . I’m 54 hears old so i think english is very important to came out for yor confort zone ,and the other side is not very easy .Pod cast is at the moment my way to learn this language .

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