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Flower vs Flour? Words that Sound the Same but Have Different Spelling | Homophones

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  • 18. Flower vs Flour? Words that Sound the Same but Have Different Spelling | Homophones 00:00

Homophones are words that are spelled differently but pronounced the same. No wonder English is so confusing!
When we see the different spelling we assume that it should be pronounced differently, but English is not a phonetic language! So spelling and pronunciation don’t match!

In this episode, you’ll learn about some of the most common homophones in English and how to pronounce them. We’ll talk about:

1. flower – flour
2. here – hear
3. sun – son
4. there – their – they’re
5. right – write
6. road – rode
7. hoarse – horse
8. soul – sole
9. war – wore
10. see – sea
11. to – too – two

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  1. Hi Hadar! The podcast format is the best fit for me at this moment. I enjoy your podcasts literally every day even while sleeping! That’s the beauty of podcasts. Also, I have noticed that the podcast is better than Youtube for me because I am forced to use my ears more attentively. If I watched the Youtube version of the episode, my eyes would have caught the homophones first visually and my ears wouldn’t have worked so well. You are my best English teacher ever.

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