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Episode #311

Can’t understand TV and Movies without subtitles? Here’s WHY

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Do you ever feel like you understand most everything when you watch your favorite YouTuber, or have a conversation with others in English, but when you watch a movie or TV show, you suddenly start to question how much you really know and understand!?

You’re not alone! In fact, today I share with you 3 reasons why it’s hard to understand TV and movies with subtitles, and what to do about it!

Learn more about why we need subtitles in movies and TV from this video by Vox:

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Hadar Shemesh

Hadar Shemesh

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3 Responses

  1. Subtitles help me understand the movie better and make it more interesting for me. They also make me to understand the meaning of the words more as well as help from my husband for the correct pronunciation. At first I had trouble keeping up with the reading of, listening to the different acents, subtitles words and keeping up with the movie at the same times. I still have trouble if the speaker talks very fast for me to keep up, but I am betting better at it. Subtitles are very important to me in Watching movies, potcads, and listening carefullly to all the words is very important to me.

    1. Hi Rocio, Karen here. I completely agree! I always use subtitles, especially in movies and TV shows

  2. This problem I also face when watching Movies or shows. Thanks for a real problem for many non- native speakers on watching Movies without Subtitles.

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